Thursday, October 21, 2010

Such a Good Day!

Me and my partner in crime, Jude man, ran around this morning on cloud nine getting everything in order to overnight our dossier to AGCI! I woke up this morning almost in a daze to the whirlwind of this past weeks events. The amazing blessings that have gotten us to this point of being able to turn in our dossier TODAY have truly been God doing His thing! So before heading out the door, I double checked all the documents, dates, notary signatures, and checklists for quite possibly the hundredth time! (Listen, I get that more than likely tomorrow AGCI is going to notify me that I still have to make revisions of some sort, but I just don't want it to be over some huge obvious avoidable mistake on my part- so I feel better staring at it a hundred times just in case!)

Jude and I loaded up in the car, Jude gave me the thumbs up as we backed out of the driveway, as to say "Let's do this mom!". First stop was the bank, where the gals behind the counter we're equally excited that we were at this point! Most the time I go through the drive through, making deposits, and they're always so sweet to ask "How's it coming along?!"... So they know that when I actually walk into the bank to get my credit union check, something important is happening and we're at the next step! Jude was quick to tell them, "We're getting money for my brother!"... which just melts my heart. I get that he doesn't entirely understand what's going on as a three year old- but the idea that we are working hard to bring his brother home, does make sense to him and he genuinely gets excited! He's going to be such an awesome big brother, I'm so proud of him!

Then it was off to the UPS store (yes the same UPS store where our journey began)! We made our three sets of copies, two of which had to be included with the original to be sent to our agency and the third was a copy for ourselves. We got them all stacked up, each copy set clipped, and wrapped it with a bow. Here's Jude proudly holding the paper that will eventually be the papers that help bring his brother home!

I was needing to overnight it to Portland, OR- where AGCI is located and to get it there by 8:30am was going to cost around $88! Sheesh... but if I went with getting it there by 10:30am instead it went down to like $44 (I liked the sound of that better). So I quickly called our case worker, "T", and asked if 10:30am was early enough to insure that it would be reviewed tomorrow and she said it was! So tomorrow morning at 10:30am this crazy labor of love we've been working on for the past month and half is going to be sitting in the offices of AGCI for review! Wahoo!

One of two things will happen. They'll review over everything tomorrow and if it's perfect, then we'll get a call with our wait list number for a boy 0-12 month. OR, what will more than likely happen, is that they'll review over it, see some minor changes that need to be made and give me a call and let me know what those are. As soon as we can get those changes made and sent back to them, we will then be put on the wait list. So of course I pray that it's perfect, but not banking on it. I'll keep you posted either way though! From what I can tell from other families numbers that are on the boy list I'm thinking that our number will probably be in the low 70's. Once we're given a
number we'll just watch it go down every month as kiddos are matched with their forever famlies, until we eventually make it down to the number 1 and get our referral! It's a long wait for sure (minimum of 10 months at least) but the sooner we get put on that wait list the better! This number represents our babe!

What makes this day even better is that it's my awesome hubby's 30th birthday! What a day of celebration! My life has been blessed because you are in it and I am one lucky gal to live this adventure with you! Happy Birthday Joshua, praising God that He brought you into this world 30 years ago! You are one heckuva daddy, teacher, friend, and spouse! Love you!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I am so excited for ya'll! I am going to be stalking your blog tomorrow for sure!! I am praying that ya'll get on the list tomorrow!! And I love that you put a blue and brown bow around your dossier!! We did too! (Except it was pink and brown!) Thrilled for ya'll! And Happy 30th Birthday to Joshua!! What a great day to celebrate!

  2. I'm just going to spoil things and say that if Toni leaves you a voicemail/e-mail saying "I recieved your dossier and I would like to discuss what this means for your family." That means you made it. If it's bad news, she just leaves on the voicemail or email :-)

  3. Yay! So excited Hil, please call me or text me as soon as you find out...since I can't check FB or Blogger at work, I will be on edge for you all day! Good luck girl! Love you.

  4. Oh happy day!! I know how exciting today was and I am hoping tomorrow brings good news of your number!! Happy bday Joshua!!

  5. Thank you gals so much for your encouragement and excitement! You have no idea what a blessing it is! I'll keep you posted tomorrow! Now let's see if I can get some sleep! Wish me luck!

  6. What a great feeling it is to know the dossier is completed. Today hopefully you will join all of us on the waitlist!!!! Ih and Happy Birthday to your hubs!!


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