Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The UPS guy.... a good guy! (o;

Yep, I got another story of an answered prayer!

Quick Re-Cap for ya'll:

So, Joshua and I had made the decision to go ahead and come up with a letter to send out to "share" what God was doing in our lives. While that is all well and good... truth is- it costs money to print out newsletters and postage!

Our printer at home is out of ink, and has been for months now- it's kinda at the bottom of the priority list and crazy expensive to replace! So, we had two options: #1. Print the newsletters at home, requiring us to buy at least one ink cartridge (around $80). Or #2. Go get them printed elsewhere. I started looking around at the cost of a one-sided color copy and was amazed at how stinking expensive it is! Sorry if you work at Office Depot... but I'm not paying up to .80 cents per copy when we have 130 letters to send out! That's crazy! As a last ditch effort, as anyone would, I made my status on Facebook: "Anyone have any ideas where to get cheap color copies made?". (o: Well, sure enough, my neighbor across the street (Kari) suggested the UPS store down the road that her husband goes to all the time. She then gave me a call and said that the owner of the store is this great Christian guy who has been so generous in the past and that Jeff (her husband) would be willing to talk to the owner and see if he could cut us a deal. I was humbled & grateful that our neighbors would be willing to ask a favor on our behalf! Sure enough, Jeff gives us a call back a little later and has already talked to the owner, Rick, who said he'd do it for .25 a copy! Woohoo! $32 sounded a lot nicer then $100!!! And let's not forget that just the week before, good ole' Tyler (from my lifeguard class), had given us a check that easily covered that amount!

When Joshua went to the UPS store to pick up the letters, Rick's wife, Lori, was there . She said she hoped we didn't mind, but she read our update and they loved what we were doing! Of course we didn't mind! They were excited for us and so encouraging! She let Joshua know that they would be praying for us and continue to follow our story! They had even made extra copies of our letter for us! Joshua called me after leaving the store truly in awe of what an encouragement this couple had been through their kindness towards us!

Later that day, we went to our blog (that we hadn't announced yet) to continue setting it up and adding widgets, and all the fun stuff, when I noticed we had a "follower"! Joshua and I looked at each other, wondering who the heck was following us already. It was.... Rick, the UPS guy! Our very first blog follower! It made me cry! Again, we're amazed at who God is using in this process! Thanks Rick and Lori! We'll be seeing much more of you as we become pregnant with paper work that needs to be mailed off all the time! We look forward to getting to know you better!


PS... I'll let you know the story of the postage next time!

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