Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stepping out in Faith

So here it goes... my first attempt at posting to our new blog!

My hope is that we'll be able to use this blog to journal the unfolding story of what God is doing in and through our lives. Some of you reading this may have recently received our "Helms Happenings- Ethiopia Edition" letter in the mail. Oh how I desperately pray that you were able to catch a glimpse of our hearts excitement in this adventure of adoption that we are just beginning! For those of you that don't know of our latest endeavor, here is our update letter we just sent out: Helms Happenings - Ethiopia Edition

One thing we didn't mention in our letter that we recently were able to do is meet with another adoptive family, Aaron and Whitney Pratt. They just recently adopted their adorable little boy, Mekele, from Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia about 5 months ago. Joshua literally works right aross the hall from Aaron at school, which again, is just another reminder of the details God is orchestrating. We were able to hear their story and ask questions about the process. It confirmed in so many ways that this is exactly where God is leading. Truly they will be such a blessing to have close by during this process. Not to mention how it makes my heart happy to imagine one day our Ethiopian kiddo's playing together!

Joshua and I are both filled with a whirlwind of emotions from being hopeful and excited to absolutely terrified! In the moments that anxiety takes over and I'm overwhelmed, I beg God for peace and reassurance that we're doing the right thing. Over and over again, He uses people & circumstances to remind me that He's saying "go" and "trust". There is a video that we saw a couple months back of a little girl, who was adopted through AGCI, Lucy Lane. It's her "gotcha day" when her mom picked her up from Hannah's Hope. I can't tell you how many times I find myself going back to watch it again and again and every time my fears seem to fade and my heart is filled with joy. We thought we'd share it with you too. Grab a tissue!


  1. Congrats Helms!!! Also thank you for posting this video! I am sitting here crying my eyes out and have goosebumps all in one...I am looking forward to see how God works in your lives and I'll be thinking and praying for ya'll!!!

  2. I am so happy for you and your family. I think what you guys are doing is amazing and the way you are putting your faith in God is so inspiring. I know that he will lead your hearts. Thank God for amazing parents like you guys and for God stirring our hearts to do great things. I will pray for your family, and for the little person God decides to join your beautiful family. Blessings to you all!!

    Amy Mattingly

  3. Hi! It's nice to "meet" you here in blog world. Thanks for commenting on our adoption video. I am so excited that you are starting on this amazing adventure of adoption!!! It's quite a ride, so hang on! :) I'd love to be a resource to you, so if you have questions, just ask!
    You can check out our blog: VogeltanzFamily dot com or you can email me directly, emily at athenschurch dot com

    can't wait to see your story unfold!!

    Emily V.


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