Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In a Daze of Goodness

At this point in our adoption journey it's like I'm just walking around in a daze of God's goodness! His provision is written all over this thing! Truthfully at times I just shake my head in disbelief completely speechless! When writing thank you cards to those who have generously and sacrificially given, I sit there looking at the blank card completely convinced that I won't be able to come up with a darn thing that captures our humble gratitude! I mean seriously, thank you cards take me F.O.R.E.V.E.R. because I have have no idea how to even start the first sentence (Plus I have illegible funky handwriting and so I have to write extra slow, like a first grader, so that maybe, just maybe, it will be legible!)! After all, how the heck do you adequately thank someone for playing such a huge role in bringing your child home?!?! Let's face it, you can't...  so, I do the next best thing- I entirely trust that God will richly bless each and every individual who's name is written in RED on our calendar for their willingness to be used by Him to accomplish His purposes in placing the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6)! I LOVE that Isa's story is littered with hundreds of people's names who's hearts were stirred to be a part of bringing him home! I LOVE that one day we'll be able to sit down and read through these names with Isa once again reiterating just how much God loves him and how God used SO MANY people to make sure he was a part of our family!!! I wouldn't trade the past 9 months of fundraising and trusting God in mighty ways to provide for anything! If given the option to have $30k in savings from the get-go OR to have a calendar full of names of strangers, family, friends, neighbors, organizations, and students who God used to to fund His calling- I choose the names scribbled in RED all over the calendar, 100%!!!

Today I opened my email to find that an incredibly big-hearted family, who wish to stay anonymous, and who I wish I could shout their names from the rooftops, sent a check to Lifesong on our behalf, for $2,750!!! People, this is just CRAZY!!! THIS is just GOD! This means that in the past 9 months HE has provided $26,490.72!!! It's amazing what He has in store for us when we are willing (even if it's with doubt and fear, hello Hilary) to step into the realm of listening and being obedient to the Holy Spirit's whispers in our life! It's crazy how much more I desire to hear Him speak and how my heart longs for His plans and not my own, all because of this journey to Isa! He has proved Himself to be faithful and that He has proved Himself to know what's best for me. I trust His nudges over my flesh that seeks the easiest route in life! I trust that His way is the best, even when it seems harder. Especially since 9 months ago the $28k goal was a daunting task that seemed nuts, frankly- BUT look what we would have missed out on if we would have had it our way! He already knew the calendar would be chalked full of names and that's why He whispered "Adopt, Trust & Go!".

So much goodness to be thankful for!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Update

I just wanted to share that this past Thursday night's showing of the Bereaved video by Sixty Feet went really well! We had about 15 people show up, which meant the world to me, because they gave up their Thursday night to come see some video that they really didn't know much about, because they knew it was important to me! I'm grateful for people like this in my life! Thank you so much to those who came! I'm so grateful! I trust that God will take it from here- and that hearts were stirred and eyes we're opened. I hope to show this again at some point to even more people! We'll see what kind of doors open up for that to happen! One thing I know for certain is that God is preparing Joshua and I for bigger things and that our hearts are heavy for Uganda! I'm excited to see where we'll be in life in a couple years!

Also, I just wanted to share that we still have more totes for sale! You can look at the post below for more pictures and pricing. If you're interested in one- just shoot me an email at

Some more exciting news... keep your eyes open for a Tupperware online fundraiser that my mom-in-law is going to be doing for us in March! 40% of all the sales will be directly donated to bringing Isa home! How awesome is that?! I'll keep you posted on details as it gets closer- but March 10th is the date! Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up, for all you Tupperware fans out there! (o; P.S.... Have ya'll checked out where our fundraising thermometer is at on the right hand side of the blog?! We are so stinking close to our goal, I could just pee my pants in excitement!!! I can hardly believe it!!! Crazy amazing blessings on this entire journey- God is good!

Last but not least- THIS VIDEO... I just LOVE Francis Chan and his heart! I couldn't agree more with what he says, check it out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ahhh... my thoughts are scattered with so much to say- all good things- but it's just a lot!!!
Okay, I'll try and keep it short and to the point...

First off... I received a "WAHOO!!!" voicemail today letting me know that Jude was granted a full scholarship for preschool next fall!!! Seriously, isn't God just so stinking good?! Several weeks ago, I found myself worrying over how and if we were going to be able to pull this whole preschool thing off next year. I felt like God reminded me that "WE" (meaning Joshua and I) weren't going to pull this off at all, in fact HE was! So, I laid my late night worries at His feet and asked for His direction. In giving this over to Him, it didn't mean I didn't do my homework, call every stinking local preschool, and seek out all our different options financially. In fact I did all of that- and then prayed for Him to bless my efforts, ultimately trusting Him with the end result. Well, this is one end result that makes this mama happy! I had peace about this particular preschool from the very first conversation I had with it's director. I love that God is taking care of Jude during this journey of life and I'm confident that he is going to have an awesome year of preschool next fall! This is BIG blessing and just another one to add to the list!

Second on the list, I have a prayer request. Would you pray for this upcoming Thursday night?! You know how I mentioned at the Created for Care retreat we watched a powerful documentary by Sixty Feet called Bereaved?! It truly impacted me and I walked away burdened that other's would see this video as well. Long story short- with the help of sweet Nancy, who heads up our Compassion Ministry at church, we're going to be showing it this Thursday to some friends and family at my sis's house! I'm so excited that people are actually coming! I say this because it was a last minute invite and I thought people might think I was crazy for randomly inviting them to come see some video that I just happened to think was worth their while! So a BIG thank you to those who are coming, trusting me, and supporting what is heavy on my heart! I'm so grateful! If you live local and want to come, shoot me an email- I'd love for anyone and everyone to be there!

Third on the list, I have an incredible update on our Lifesong Matching Grant!!!! I'd just like to say it's AMAZING what has come in, in just the past 3 weeks! I have to share where we're at in the process so far, because when it comes to exciting news, I stink at keeping secrets! We have ALREADY met our match of $3k, and in fact, exceeded it!!! We have currently raised $3286.72, which with the Match, puts us at $6286.72!!! I'm just sayin'.... Craziness! That being said, even though we've already met our Match, we are still able to receive donations, tax deductible, until March 31st! Check out the Lifesong logo on the right side of the blog for more information!

Fourth on the list... More super exciting news- I have a whole bunch of tote's for sale!!! If you follow me on Facebook you've probably already seen these totes that my crafty mom-in-law makes! She has been determined to sew Isa home from Ethiopia, and has whipped up about 30 bags, of which I have 16 left to sell! This go around we have 3 different sizes and patterns to pick from:
Large Tote is $15 (7 made up)
Medium Tote is $12 (5 made up)
Small Tote is $9 (4 made up)
Here they all are- rolled up, super cute!

I couldn't get a picture that captured all the bags in it- but this gives you an idea! 

Let me know if you're interested in one by emailing me at My mom-in-law even sent me swatches of fabric she still has left over to make more and how many sizes she can get our of the fabric. So if you see a fabric you like and want it in a certain size, let me know- we might just be able to take care of you! As always, 100% of the proceeds goes towards our adoption fund in brining Isa home!

So I told you that I had a lot to share! If you've gotten to the bottom of this post- thanks for baring with me! So many blessings to share, I just had to get it all out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Created for Care...Retreat Recap!!!

Created for Care retreat weekend, simply put... AMAZING!!! I can't even begin to put into words what a blessing the weekend was for my soul! It started with an incredibly fun road trip with my fellow local adopting mama's Mitzi and Courtney (I seriously could not have asked for better gals to travel with- truly I treasure the talks and laughs we had!). We were nervous we weren't going to be able to get out of Dallas due to snow and icy roads- but we had answered prayers and were able to safely head out on Thursday morning for Nashville, stay the night there in a nice hotel (thank you Courtney's sweet mother-in-law!), and then we were Atlanta bound Friday morning! 

We arrived around 3pm on Friday and let me just say- first off, the retreat location was beautiful! Just gorgeous and the perfect getaway! Wait to pick 'em Andrea! Check it out... 

This is the entrance to the Lodge- just beautiful!
Inside the cozy rustic lobby area- perfect for making calls home to the hubs when I                                                                                                had a spare second to catch him up on all God was doing! 
Andrea (and her helpers) put so much work into the little details of love surrounding the entire weekend! I just kept saying to myself "Seriously?!"... from checking in and having cute little gift bags with an adorable Created for Care mug, stuffed with cute lil gloves and a chocolate... to our cute name tags with the flag of the country we were adopting from... to (my favorite) unlimited snacks/candy and soda (Diet Coke makes me feel loved, no doubt!) all weekend long! Having been the behind the scenes girl in setting up retreats before- I know that SO MUCH WORK WAS PUT INTO THIS WEEKEND, and it showed!!!! Thank you Andrea for your heart and your love for adopting mama's! 
I was blessed to room with four other gals, Courtney, Mitzi, Lara, and Kelly Jo- who are quite possibly some of the most amazing, genuine, big hearted gals who love the Lord that I've ever met!!! We stayed up to 2am both nights- delirious from being on the go non-stop, laughing so hard our stomach muscles hurt (it's no wonder I didn't pee my pants!), and sharing where God was stirring our hearts! Oh it's so good to have fellowship like that! I needed it! Thank you ladies for blessing my socks off! 

Roomies from the left: Courtney, Mitzi, Lara, Kelly Jo, and myself
The retreat was jammed packed with awesome breakout sessions from amazing speakers who poured truth and wisdom into each of us! Each speaker spoke from experience with passion that was contagious and inspiring! I was able to soak in super valuable information on bonding/attachment that will be so applicable once we bring Isa home, taught by Nancy Thomas. I was blessed to have my eyes opened to the TRUTH about HIV/AIDS by hearing testimonies from Suzanne with 147 Million Orphans and how God has used her heart and story to encourage others to pursue adoption of HIV+ babies! My heart was broken with the hard facts and statistics about the AIDS crisis that were shared by Dr. Susan Hill, CDC senior researcher and adoptive mama of TEN!!! I would encourage EVERYONE to take a look at the truth about HIV/AIDS and see for yourself some of the misconceptions that you're probably guilty of thinking (as was I) at Positively Adopted! I was forever impacted by the heart breaking video "Bereaved" that Sixty Feet shared and I'm confident that God is stirring in my heart to get involved in BIG ways with this organization! So I had full intentions of figuring out a way to get my church involved over in Uganda with this organization- only to find out, THEY ALREADY ARE!!! The Uganda mission team was just there a couple weeks ago, in this exact child rehabilitation center and I had no idea- I just know God is up to something and know it's not by chance that the connection between my church and Sixty Feet has already been established! I can't wait to see what God has up His sleeve! 
Wow, this post is getting long... let me sum it up by just saying that I walked away from this weekend with several things heavy on my heart and my prayer is that God would make it clear as to what were suppose to do with it all, as a family. We're seeking His desires and praying for the confidence to be obedient! I'll sum up the rest of the retreat with pictures of just some of the amazing mama's I met while there and say that I treasured my time with each of them!!! 

Only half of the AGCI crew!

My dear friend Alison from the "blog world" that I finally got to meet in real life! 

Texas AGCI ladies
Two of my roomies Lara (yes she really is a farmers wife) and Courtney

My sweet, sweet friend Kelly Jo who is near and dear to my heart! Her thick
southern accident alone makes me feel "at home"! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How fun is this?!

I just realized that I have yet to share with the blog world that I am going on a super awesome and fun retreat this weekend! This is such a HUGE blessing that I am genuinely excited about! It's a retreat for adopting mama's called Created for Care in Atlanta, GA. Totally check it out for all the details of what the weekend will entail! This was my birthday gift this year from my hubs and it's truly the perfect gift! To cut down the cost of travel, three of us adopting mama's decided to road trip it from TX! My amazing friends Mitzi and Courtney will head out with me on Thursday afternoon, stopping half way in MS at another incredible adopting mama's place, Alison,  to crash for the night (Funny how within the adoption blog world, you can spend the night at a "strangers" house, yet feel like the best of friends and be completely comfortable! Thanks Alison, you're the best!!!). The game plan is to get up early the next morning and head on out to the Atlanta airport to pick up our other two roomies who are flying in for the retreat, Kelly Jo and Lara (roomies, I am so pumped about meeting you and rooming together, it's going to be a blast!). Then we'll load up and head onto the retreat for a great weekend packed full of awesome breakout sessions, fellowship, and relaxation!

Rewind 10 months ago and I sat here unable to come up with a single friend who had adopted, was in the process of adoption, or knew a lick about the process! I totally remember having a little chat with God about the fact that I thought this was an awfully BIG request of Him to ask us step out into uncharted territory considering the fact that we seemed all alone in the journey! I earnestly prayed that He would put friends in my life who could relate to what we were jumping into and who were in this crazy journey too. Well would you look at that... I have friends! He answers prayers!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to meet so many of these ladies, who's blogs I follow, in person! I love that God has blessed me with this group of people in my life- for encouragement and wisdom as we all trek through this crazy journey called adoption!

So here's to a fun and SAFE road trip with two gals that I can't wait to spend time with, here's the the five of us roomies who I am stoked to get to know better, and here's to God answering prayers and providing an awesome weekend of fellowship and growth!