Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Ahhh... my thoughts are scattered with so much to say- all good things- but it's just a lot!!!
Okay, I'll try and keep it short and to the point...

First off... I received a "WAHOO!!!" voicemail today letting me know that Jude was granted a full scholarship for preschool next fall!!! Seriously, isn't God just so stinking good?! Several weeks ago, I found myself worrying over how and if we were going to be able to pull this whole preschool thing off next year. I felt like God reminded me that "WE" (meaning Joshua and I) weren't going to pull this off at all, in fact HE was! So, I laid my late night worries at His feet and asked for His direction. In giving this over to Him, it didn't mean I didn't do my homework, call every stinking local preschool, and seek out all our different options financially. In fact I did all of that- and then prayed for Him to bless my efforts, ultimately trusting Him with the end result. Well, this is one end result that makes this mama happy! I had peace about this particular preschool from the very first conversation I had with it's director. I love that God is taking care of Jude during this journey of life and I'm confident that he is going to have an awesome year of preschool next fall! This is BIG blessing and just another one to add to the list!

Second on the list, I have a prayer request. Would you pray for this upcoming Thursday night?! You know how I mentioned at the Created for Care retreat we watched a powerful documentary by Sixty Feet called Bereaved?! It truly impacted me and I walked away burdened that other's would see this video as well. Long story short- with the help of sweet Nancy, who heads up our Compassion Ministry at church, we're going to be showing it this Thursday to some friends and family at my sis's house! I'm so excited that people are actually coming! I say this because it was a last minute invite and I thought people might think I was crazy for randomly inviting them to come see some video that I just happened to think was worth their while! So a BIG thank you to those who are coming, trusting me, and supporting what is heavy on my heart! I'm so grateful! If you live local and want to come, shoot me an email- I'd love for anyone and everyone to be there!

Third on the list, I have an incredible update on our Lifesong Matching Grant!!!! I'd just like to say it's AMAZING what has come in, in just the past 3 weeks! I have to share where we're at in the process so far, because when it comes to exciting news, I stink at keeping secrets! We have ALREADY met our match of $3k, and in fact, exceeded it!!! We have currently raised $3286.72, which with the Match, puts us at $6286.72!!! I'm just sayin'.... Craziness! That being said, even though we've already met our Match, we are still able to receive donations, tax deductible, until March 31st! Check out the Lifesong logo on the right side of the blog for more information!

Fourth on the list... More super exciting news- I have a whole bunch of tote's for sale!!! If you follow me on Facebook you've probably already seen these totes that my crafty mom-in-law makes! She has been determined to sew Isa home from Ethiopia, and has whipped up about 30 bags, of which I have 16 left to sell! This go around we have 3 different sizes and patterns to pick from:
Large Tote is $15 (7 made up)
Medium Tote is $12 (5 made up)
Small Tote is $9 (4 made up)
Here they all are- rolled up, super cute!

I couldn't get a picture that captured all the bags in it- but this gives you an idea! 

Let me know if you're interested in one by emailing me at hilmhelms@gmail.com. My mom-in-law even sent me swatches of fabric she still has left over to make more and how many sizes she can get our of the fabric. So if you see a fabric you like and want it in a certain size, let me know- we might just be able to take care of you! As always, 100% of the proceeds goes towards our adoption fund in brining Isa home!

So I told you that I had a lot to share! If you've gotten to the bottom of this post- thanks for baring with me! So many blessings to share, I just had to get it all out!


  1. So excited about ALL of this news. Jude will be such a cute pre-schooler...

  2. that's some super great news all around!!!

  3. Love hearing stories of God's provision. Can't wait to hear about how your Bereaved night goes!!

  4. Yay about all this GREAT news!! God's answering prayers!! Oh, is the movie one that can be rented?

  5. WOW!!! Love God's provision...always so amazing! And so excited to hear about how Bereaved goes! We are wanting to show it here in MS too!

  6. Amazing news!!Love seeing how God is providing!!

  7. I love everything about this post!!


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