Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Update

I just wanted to share that this past Thursday night's showing of the Bereaved video by Sixty Feet went really well! We had about 15 people show up, which meant the world to me, because they gave up their Thursday night to come see some video that they really didn't know much about, because they knew it was important to me! I'm grateful for people like this in my life! Thank you so much to those who came! I'm so grateful! I trust that God will take it from here- and that hearts were stirred and eyes we're opened. I hope to show this again at some point to even more people! We'll see what kind of doors open up for that to happen! One thing I know for certain is that God is preparing Joshua and I for bigger things and that our hearts are heavy for Uganda! I'm excited to see where we'll be in life in a couple years!

Also, I just wanted to share that we still have more totes for sale! You can look at the post below for more pictures and pricing. If you're interested in one- just shoot me an email at

Some more exciting news... keep your eyes open for a Tupperware online fundraiser that my mom-in-law is going to be doing for us in March! 40% of all the sales will be directly donated to bringing Isa home! How awesome is that?! I'll keep you posted on details as it gets closer- but March 10th is the date! Just wanted to give ya'll a heads up, for all you Tupperware fans out there! (o; P.S.... Have ya'll checked out where our fundraising thermometer is at on the right hand side of the blog?! We are so stinking close to our goal, I could just pee my pants in excitement!!! I can hardly believe it!!! Crazy amazing blessings on this entire journey- God is good!

Last but not least- THIS VIDEO... I just LOVE Francis Chan and his heart! I couldn't agree more with what he says, check it out!


  1. Wow you are super close to your goal..that is awesome. Funny, my husband and I have been feeling God is going to do something much bigger than we can imagine in our lives the next couple of years too!!
    It's exciting times.

  2. I love that FC video. I'm so glad your showing of Bereaved went well! I got the greenliht to start an adoption fellowship ministry at our church, and I would love to show it to them!

  3. So glad that ya'll are so close to your goal, and so glad that the Bereaved showing went so well! Can't wait to see what God has planned for ya'll in the future!!! It'll be amazing!

  4. Hil, I might need to get a copy of that video to show, where do you get it? Our next meeting of It's A Child's Life is next Saturday and we have 2 couples we are friends with, with their children from Uganda and ET speaking at it and are trying to focus this one on international needs so that sounds like it might be a fit. Call me when you get some time Love ya!

  5. So happy for you all and your fundraising progress! LOVED that Francis Chan video...shared it!


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