Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've mentioned this before, but our kitchen calendar has become the "note pad" for all that God is doing in this adoption process. We're determined to document how this story unfolds and all the blessings that God provides along the way. So each time a person gives, or a prayer is answered, or a big step in the journey is taken, I write it on the calendar in red. The plan is to eventually find a cool book or journal or something to transfer all the "red" into and give to our kiddo one day to show how God brought them to us. Also it serves as such a reminder of God's faithfulness to provide! Every time I walk into the kitchen and just glance a the calendar and see so much red staring back at me I almost tear up in amazement! I think I often forget all the little things that happen in life that are truly God showing Himself to me but this go around, I'm determined to write it all down! Here's to the RED in just the month of July!

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  1. Great idea..I've been typing it in a word document but this would be much easier to do and I don't have to worry about turning my computer on. I am almost done with my pregnancy book I am making for Jalen through My Publisher that has pictures, stories, ultrasound pics, belly pics and such from the time we found out to the time he was born and I was planning on doing the same with our adoption story so just a thought for you too, that way it's kind of the story of "how you came to be our child" but they can look back on them and see the different stories of how they came into this world and this family :) Love you!


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