Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days that you look back on and hope you never have to experience anything like it again!

As most of you know, my sister and I are super close. We know what a blessing it is to have the kind of relationship we have with one another and we don't take it for granted. She's my big sis and I admire her and value our friendship a whole heck of a lot! We live literally one mile from each other and our boys, Jude and Jake, are the best of buds- practically brothers. Jake is near and dear to my heart seeing as how he prepped me for motherhood. When we moved here to Dallas I was pregnant and Jake was only a couple months old. We lived with Phoebe and Scott literally up until the week that Jude was born. The moments spent with Jake as a baby were some of the most teachable, sweet times of my life in preparing me for being Jude's mommy. Truly I have a connection with Jake like none other!

There have been numerous occasions when I'm out and about running errands and I have both the boys by myself that I proudly claim Jake as my own... just cause I love him so much and truly consider him like our own kid! His laughter is contagious and sounds the exact same as it did the first day it gurgled out of his sweet body when he was just about 4 months old. He gives hugs freely and he smiles with his big brown eyes. I love this boy, a whole bunch!

Again, yesterday was one of those days you look back on and hope you NEVER have to experience again! At 4pm perspective on life came crashing down on my family! How quickly the world can be flipped upside down when a precious life is hanging in the balance! Jake was taken by Care Flight after falling down a flight of stairs, hitting his head, causing him to have an impact seizure and loose consciousness.

I got to the sea of flashing red lights right as they were loading Jake into an ambulance to wait for the chopper to arrive. I immediately asked a paramedic where my sister was because I wanted nothing more then to see her and wrap my arms around her!  Being sisters there is automatically an unbreakable bond. Combine that, with doing this whole "mom thing" together day in and day out and my heart physically ached right there along side of hers! I hurried through the front door of the house where she was and immediately saw her and made eye contact with her, seeing the fear and worry in her eyes. In that moment I just remember thinking how proud I was of her for being Jake's mom and doing everything she could possibly think of to help him! We hugged and it took everything in me to not just loose it. It's one of those moments that will forever be sketched into my memory.

Phoebe was able to go with Jake on the Care Flight. I stood next to the field as the chopper was taking off, soaking in the scene, overwhelmed with thinking how life is truly fragile. How none of us know what tomorrow holds. As they flew away the realization that there was nothing else to be done besides pray, brought a strange sense of peace with it. It was comforting to put the burden in God's hands because I knew His hands were better then ours! I'd just like to say that God does answer prayers.... and there were A LOT of people praying!

Jake regained consciousness shortly after the paramedics took him onto the ambulance. He screamed through his entire helicopter ride (which under normal circumstances he would have been screaming in pure excitement... oh how he loves helicopters!) and Phoebe said it was the sweetest thing she could have heard in that moment because she knew he was breathing! She was suppose to sing at church this weekend (which obviously didn't happen because of this whole ordeal), but the song that she was going to sing couldn't have been more fitting and the lyrics were all she could think of while in flight. Here are the words: "Jesus all I have is You, You're the hope I'm holding to, I might weep, but sill my faith rests in You. As the heavens hold the skies, it's your hand that holds (Jake's) life and Your love will lead me on when all else is gone." How awesome is it that God had her singing this weekend and singing that song so she could find strength in it in a time of desperation. I think it was just one of many answered prayers.

The rest of the story could get long... so I'll sum it up by saying- Jake is well! He's great actually! After several hours of observation Jake came back around and was 100% his normal, talkative, alert, self by 10:30pm last night! As a matter of fact, Jake doesn't have a single bruise or mark on him from this whole ordeal! We can't find a bump or red mark on his head anywhere! Jake's angels were working overtime yesterday in providing a soft landing to catch his fall!

All this to say, sigh... my perspective was given a new lens yesterday. I was reminded of the importance of relationships. I was reminded to tell Jude each and every day how much we love him and how much Jesus loves him. I was reminded to live each day sold out in living the life God has called us to. It confirmed to Joshua and I again that right here and now where we are at in life in pursuing this adoption because we know God has called us to it, is exactly where we're suppose to be! I desperately want to live in a way that if tomorrow I loose Jude or Joshua or whoever, that my strength is in Christ alone! I want to live having loved God and other's well so that when the day comes that I see God,  I have no regrets. Perspective... it's a good thing.

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  1. Thank you for the update. We are so grateful for God's answer to prayer. We have such a special bond with both of those boys from our Blue Circles days and are so grateful that Jude's best friend is healthy. We love you.

    The Myers


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