Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Photos (sneak peek)


Can I just start off by telling you how excited I am to catch a glimpse at a couple of the "sneak peek" photo's that Sarah took from this weekend of our family?! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out and I just had to share a few with you!  If you haven't already heard, Sarah and a friend of hers stopped by our adoption yard sale a couple weekends ago, complete strangers to us at the time. Truthfully I didn't get to talk to either one of them very much at the time- Joshua talked to them mostly, letting them know why we were doing the sale and yadda yadda. But you know how some people just stick out in a crowd to you because they seem nice? I noticed their smiles from a distance and how "normal" they seemed and genuinely interested in our story. Once they got back in their cars, Joshua came over and showed me the business card of Sarah's  and said, "Catch this... that gal said she'd be willing to do our family photo's if we wanted for free, in support of our adoption!". We were both blown away and once again taken back how God is clearly using so many other's in unique ways in this journey we are on! 

So long story short, we met up with Sarah this past Saturday for our photo session! She is just wonderful and it was such a joy to meet her once again in person! She is totally down to earth and easy going and super talented at what she does! I'm confident that God is going to bless her for blessing us! The best part about it is, now she's not a complete stranger anymore! In fact, she's one more name written in RED on our calendar of yet another individual who helped bring our kiddo home through generosity and selflessness! I sure can't wait to tell our little Ethiopian boy of all the amazing stories that took place on our journey to get to him! And to think, we could have missed it all if we had said no to the burden of adoption God put on our hearts out of  fear! Remember that God funds His callings and blesses them! 


  1. These pictures are awesome!! Love them! And love how God put her in your life...what a blessing!

  2. Amy & Alison- Isn't God good like that?! Love that he uses complete garage sale strangers to bless us! My prayer is that she will be blessed in return! Alison, I LOVE your recent blessing as well, talk about blow your socks off!!!


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