Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He's Just Showing off Now!

At this point, truly God is just showing off in how He is providing! Joshua and I have been in a state of awe over the past several days of the amazing ways at which He is at work in this journey we are on! I'm not even kidding when I say that late Sunday night we received yet ANOTHER donation in the amount of $500, from once again, another adopting family that we've never met!!! Is this not just unbelievable?!? So that's a total of $2000 over the weekend given from two families that, they themselves, are in the midst of an expensive adoption as well! They themselves, are trusting that God is going to provide for their families as they step out in obedience to the burden He's placed on their hearts! They themselves, are living out Christ's love in HUGE ways! These two families have forever impacted our lives by their amazing generosity in helping us get one step closer to our babe! They have also served as such a huge reminder of the fact that you can never out give God! My prayer is that Joshua and I would always remember that and act on that as well! We were radically impacted this weekend by the actions of two faithful families who took a hit financially to bless ours, oh how this journey has brought so many sweet moments I could have never have expected. Love God, Love Others.... to these two families... THANK YOU for doing just that!
On the paper chase/dossier side of things, all we're waiting on is for our home study to be finalized and approved! AGCI and "B" (our social worker) have gone back and forth a couple times (which is normal) with some minor revisions and were just waiting to here "its' good!" from AGCI! I'm hoping that'll happen this week! Joshua and I went yesterday evening to get our passport copies notarized so we're done with that!
Our sweet photographer friend, Liz, dropped off our photos that we picked for our dossier last night so that completed the "to do" list on our end of the deal for the dossier! We picked some of our favorite photos to include for our dossier knowing that this was the image that was going to be what represented the Helms family to all the important people reviewing our paperwork. This is when I was so thankful to have incredible professional photos taken of us that made our skin look flawless and our teeth bright white! Yay for Photoshop! (o;

Liz also brought with her an awesome surprise that she had a family picture of us blown up and framed for  the wall in our living room! I absolutely LOVE it! It fits just perfect on our wall of family pictures, don't you think?!
So here is my prayer as far as all this stuff coming to completion and us being able to get on the wait list... I pray that our home study will be approved and finalized this week. I pray that our Adoption Yard Sale would go awesome this weekend! I'm going to pray BIG here and pray that it would bring in the remaining $845.26 we need in order to cover the $5000 fee we need to turn in with our dossier! If it does, then we could possible turn in our dossier next week and get our wait list number by next Friday!!! (They review all dossier's on Friday's and they may require that we make some revisions, which happens quite often. If we do have to make some revisions then we'll get our wait list number once we get those changes to them). If the sale doesn't bring in the remaining $845.26 then we'll trust that between our raffle tickets and shirt sales coming up that it will be there soon enough. But oh how AWESOME it would be to turn in our dossier next week! A girl can pray, right?!

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