Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Look and New Blessing!

So have you noticed some changes on the blog?! First off, totally new "look" that we're hoping is a little more us, or as a friend put it, "helmsy"!  AND we hope that we can make a little more user friendly as we continue to play around with it.

Second, as I'm sure you noticed, our new photographer friend Liz (that we met at our yard sale), is offering a photoshoot raffle in support of our adoption! How incredible is that?! God is bringing people we've never even met before into our lives and blessing this journey we are on! Best of all, I have a new friend!

Check out the raffle if you live in the North Dallas area and we'd be so grateful if you'd help spread the word! Tickets are $5 each, unlimited entries ($10 gets your name entered twice into the drawing and so on). 100% of the proceeds will go towards our adoption and one lucky winner will be announced on November 1st! She is offering an amazing package that truly would be an incredible deal for anyone! Check out her talented work at! If you want to see the family photos she took of us a couple weekends ago, click on "client viewing" and then on "An Inexhaustible Love".


  1. I love it! I've been wanting a blog facelift for a while...

  2. Love the new look!! And I wish we were in TX so we could enter the raffle! So fun!!

  3. Forgot, I love the bright look. Looks great. Love you


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