Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yay for Kind-hearted People!

I caught this facial expression of Jude the other night and thought it summed up this phase of life that he is in right now as a 3 year old. He gives me this look often if he thinks I've asked something ridiculous of him... you know, like if I've suggested it might be his nap time or time to come in from playing, or in this instance I had suggested that he play with a "girl" across the street! "Come on mom! You've gotta be kidding me?!"

That being said... I might just have had this facial expression a couple times myself here lately. But in a good way! Like when my neighbor, the same one who has the little girl that I suggested Jude play with, handed me a gift card for a one hour massage, just as a kind gesture! I mean, seriously?! (And I'll have you know that I literally had just told Joshua the night before how awesome it would be, that one day when we had a little extra money sitting around, a great way to show his undying love for me would be to buy me a massage package!) And when a complete stranger that came to our yard sale last week handed us her business card and said she was a photographer and would like to do our family photo's for free! What?! Really what this is, is the face of disbelief. That what you just heard seems almost silly because you didn't see it coming. I love moments like these because it once again reminds me how God works through other's and blesses us along the way.

So today is a good day in the Helms house because, #1 we had those free family photo's taken this morning by a new found friend, who generously offered her talent on our behalf! We'll be able to use these photo's too for our dossier! And I'd just like to add here how freeing it was to not drag around a tripod and set the timer on the camera while begging Jude to keep looking at the blinking light! Yes I love photography... but it's pretty darn nice to have someone else snapping away when I'm required to be in the picture! I'll post the pics once we get them, I'm excited!

Today is also a good day because #2,  I'm using that wonderful gift card for a massage in about an hour! Wahoo! I haven't had a massage since before Jude was born and I'm so looking forward to this! An hour of relaxation, here I come!

So a big thank you to kind hearted people that go out of their way to bless other's! Now my plan is to do the same for someone this week and pay it forward!

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  1. Precious!!! Such sweet people! Hope you had a great deserve it!


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