Friday, October 22, 2010

ONE Change (grrr!)

Well we got the call already from AGCI about our dossier today! I was preparing myself to have to wait until this evening before hearing from them (they're two hours behind being in Portland, OR). BUT I got the call while sitting in a noisy Chick-fil-a with my sis and sweet friend Amber! Our case worker, "T",  asked if it was an okay time to talk (that's a silly question because there is no way in heck that I'm going to tell her, "eh, just call back later today"!)  so I assured her that it was a perfect time to talk! 

Let me jump in here real quick and say that yesterday AFTER mailing off our dossier, I again sat down to stare at the stack of dossier  papers determined to find what could possibly need to be revised. Sure enough, I missed something... GRRR!!!! On Joshua's employment letter the notary expiration date is for 1-29-11! (It needs to be good for at least the next two years) WHAT?! How did I miss this the hundred times I looked over every notary detail before sending it off? So I told Joshua last night to already go ahead this morning and get another letter from central office, because I knew this was going to be at least one change we'd have to make! So then I start doubting myself on all the other documents thinking that maybe I totally messed them all up and she would call today and laugh at me and tell me I was one big dossier mess! (Self doubt... one of Satan's great tactics in my life!). 

So, back to noisy Chick-fil-a... I have no doubt that our case worker thinks I'm running a day care in the background. Ever been to a Chick-fil-a at noon on a Friday?! Yeah, you get it! Anyway, she says, "Well Hilary, I received your dossier and have taken a look over it and it all looks great..... except for ONE revision." I quickly chime in here and say "Is it that stupid notary expiration date on Joshua's employment letter?!" to which she chuckles and says, "You already caught it! Yep, that's it! BUT everything else is perfect!". What relief to know the entire dossier wasn't flop! To be honest, I was glad too that I had caught the mistake yesterday because I was just so happy to hear it was the only revision that needed to be made! 

So... Joshua is already on top of it and is picking up his employment letter that will be notarized by someone else who's commission doesn't expire for awhile at 3:30pm today from central office! We'll overnight that bad boy to AGCI so they have it Monday and as soon as they do, we'll get our number! Easy enough! 

So sure, bummer that there is no wait list number for today... but that was God's plan anyway! Our perfect number that God knows is just right for our family will come soon enough! Trusting that His timing is perfect! 

I'll keep you posted on Monday though for sure! Until then, I have a yard sale to get ready for tomorrow! Come on by if you're local- we're starting bright at early at 7am! 


  1. I'm impressed. Maybe you should look through our papers before I send them in. :) Congratulations, Josh and Hilary!

  2. So close! Congrats on getting the dossier out of your hands. That is a huge relief!!

  3. aww- I know that's a bummer! We had one revision too and it was frustrating - BUT we got our number the following Monday and all was GOOD! :)

  4. i feel your pain - because it's only a week old in my mind!! My advice is to plan a busy weekend and try not to think about it (yea, right!)

  5. Awww...oh well, you're is all God's timing!! Can't wait to hear your number on Monday! And praying the garage sale is a HUGE success!! :)

  6. Praying your yard sale is a success. Have a great weekend. Monday you are going to have a number!!!!! Much love!!

  7. Awww - the paperwork is SUCH a pain. But it will all be worth it!!


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