Friday, August 6, 2010

Young lives making a difference!

This past Wednesday was when Kalisha set up camp at McKinney High School and had everyone who lived locally pick up their "An Inexhaustible Love" t-shirts she had made for us. Of course we decided to join her to thank as many people in person that we could for their support in buying a shirt. Not everyone was able to make it out during the time we were there, so to those who received your shirts later from Kalisha, we'd just like to give you a BIG THANK YOU!

The amount of students, both former and new, that purchased shirts completely amazed Joshua and I! Over and over again in this process we have been taken back how God is using so many young people to make such a big impact on our journey! It started with Tyler, the kid in my lifeguard class, who randomly gave us our first support check back in May. Followed by Kalisha stepping it up and totally offering her time and energy in heading up selling t-shirts for us. While sitting there on Wednesday watching student after student come up to pick up their shirt... every young face represented another individual on our list that is playing a role in this story that God is writing to bring home our child!

I guess the fact that God is using young lives to bless our journey shouldn't necessarily come as a surprise to us. Joshua and I have a unique place in our hearts for youth... having worked at Doe River and now Joshua being a teacher- but sometimes I think without meaning to or even realizing we're doing it- we limit what they have to offer. Here's the deal... "kids" are awesome, and creative, and generous, and ambitious, and vibrant, and desire to make a difference in the world! They are making a difference in OUR life and we are so thankful!!!

If you purchased a shirt in support of us from Kalisha, please take a picture with your shirt, and email it to me at by Aug. 20th.... were working on something creative and we want to make sure you're included!!!

Total Profit $1099!!!

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  1. It is awesome to see how God is providing for you guys...He is so faithful!! :)


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