Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FBI fingerprints... mark it off the list!

In effort to stay ahead of the game, our FBI fingerprints are done and being sent in! Several other adoptive families had recommended we get this done as soon as possible because sometimes it can take up to 12 weeks to get them back. We didn't want to have everything done and be sitting around waiting on our FBI prints to come back, so hopefully this will prevent that from happening! So we dropped Jude off this morning to hang out with his Papa (my dad) and Joshua and I headed down to the county jail booking area to get our prints done. Let's hope that's the only reason we ever hang out in booking! (o; 
And yes, I plan on taking pictures for all these silly steps... after all we need to document this thing! 


  1. We had a delivery man take a pic of our family on the steps of the courthouse...no shame!! :) Praying the results come back quickly!!

  2. Okay, ya'll are such a cute family!! I have taken pictures everywhere on our adoption journey...love it! And you're so smart to go ahead and get those fingerprints in! We are waiting on ours to come back right now...praying hard they come back soon! So glad to find your blog! We are an AGCI family adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia! So nice to "meet" ya'll! I'll be following your journey!

  3. Oh yeah...our family is at www.lovinmuch.blogspot.com!

  4. Kelly Jo, I love that you had the delivery man take a pic on the steps of the courthouse! Thanks for your prayers! Alison, glad you came across our blog! I'll keep up with yours as well! I love that we're all "in this" together, in different steps.. but all with the same goal! Praying for both you gals and your families!


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