Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ahhh!!! I feel like there's so much to say, I'm not sure where to begin! Okay, first and foremost.... I'd just like to announce that it's official... today we got a phone call from AGCI saying that our application was APPROVED!!! YAY! Now we hang on for the ride and ask God to lead the way!

AGCI will send out an orientation packet in the mail tomorrow that we should get it in 2 days or so. Once we receive the packet we'll set up an orientation call next week that both Joshua and I will have with the agency where they'll answer any questions we have about the Ethiopia program and questions we have regarding the packet.  They'll further go into detail about how the process is going to unfold and let us know our next steps. Once we complete the orientation packet and sign everything, we'll send it back to AGCI along with our HEFTY agency fee and program fee, totaling in around $7,000. Big breath!

Time for "Honest Hilary" here... I'm so excited AND I'm so scared at the same time! We're here, really here, really starting this journey, and this makes my heart so unbelievably happy! BUT.... being here also means another HUGE step of faith in trusting that God will continue to provide in big ways. My mom keeps reminding me that when I start to freak out and worry to just look at how God has been so faithful to get us where we're at so far! I know this is true, I really do. Joshua and I both have prayed so much, "When do we start this process God?" and over and over again we felt peace about $6k in savings being our "Go" mark, and we have just under $7k (after turning in our $300 app. fee)! So now it's time for me to trust God and take that next step without knowing once again how it's all going to play out, just like we took with the first step a couple months ago. We didn't know the "how's" then and we don't know the "how's" now- and I guess that's the point. To trust, and watch, and be amazed at how He works.

All the hard work, all the generosity of so many, all the amazing stories that have gotten us here so far and gotten our savings to where it is so far is for this moment! So instead of being scared, writing a huge check and feeling like "Gosh, now we're back to scratch!"... I have to remind myself that this is exactly what the past couple months have been for! And oh how I am so grateful!!!

Our home study will be one of the first things we'll get started on after the orientation packet. I've done my research and bargain hunted through the 6 AGCI approved home study agencies we are allowed to go with. They all seem equally equipped and experienced, and so I did what all frugal moms do and went with the home study that cost the least! It's going to be  $1,500 for the home study fee and then $300 for every post placement meeting (once we bring our kiddo home). We will owe half ($750) up front with our home study application and the second half will be due upon completion of the home study. So... if I'm throwing out prayer requests, it would be that $750 wouldn't take too long to save up so we could get started on that home study sooner then later! Sigh, oh and pray that I wouldn't loose sleep over stuff like this either- thanks!

There is more super news to share about the great day we had yesterday at our t-shirt pick up day that Kalisha organized, but it will have to wait until tomorrow! It's late and I've been writing thank you cards all day long and my forearm hurts... it's a good problem to have when you have so many people to thank! (o; Our lives have suddenly become consumed with paper chasing to do lists and it makes me smile because it means we're really in this!


  1. Yaaaaaay!! Let the fun begin!! Such an exciting day!! :)

  2. This is great news! Congratulations!! Let the paperwork begin! And we have done the same thing with our savings...and God has always provided just what we need when the next payment is due! I love watching how He provides!

  3. Congrats! I found your blog through another one - we too are an AGCI Ethiopia family! I've been having so much fun getting to know other people who are right where we are in the process! We are mid-homestudy and starting the dossier.

  4. Congratulations!! Welcome to the AGCI family! :)


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