Friday, August 13, 2010

Good things to tell!

Okie Dokie! I have good things to tell!!! Can you tell Jude and I are happy?! (o;

First off, I got a message from AGCI today saying that they're going ahead and sending out our orientation packet today WITH the home study agency we want to use listed on our contract!!!! Ahhhh, such a blessing! AGCI and the home study agency are still getting all the paperwork finalized, but it looks like we're good to go! THANK YOU for your prayers!

Want to hear some more good news?!  Take that back, great news?!  Remember the adoption auction last month? Well a sweet, generous friend of ours from Atlanta, Kristen, bid on my mom-in-law's 100 cupcakes. She then turned around and organized to have them made for the youth at their church in Atlanta for this up coming weekend to sell for $1 each!!! To make the story even better... my amazing, crazy baking, mom-in-law, not only is whipping up 100 cupcakes, but instead 250 to bring this weekend!!!! So, if all cupcakes sell for $1 a piece there's another $250 for the adoption fund!!! What?! I am just amazed at the creativity and generosity of others in helping us bring this baby home! Amazed.

Oh and there's more folks! Just when you thought, "Wow... people sure are nice to the Helms family!"... there's another dear friend that is blowing us away by her generosity and kindness! My long-time friend from high school, Lindsey Hearing, is an incredible photographer in the Phoenix, Arizona area. She contacted us a couple weeks ago saying that she wanted to head up a fundraiser in the month of September where 100% of her photography sessions would be split between our family and another family (The O'Neal's- great friends of ours as well) to go towards both our adoption funds! Seriously!? Does this not just seem crazy to ya'll?! She is offering 20% off for the month of September, so if you live in the Phoenix area and are needing your Christmas card photo's taken, or any photos for that matter-  check it out, and it helps us out in the process! A HUGE thank you Lindsey for offering your talent and time in such a generous way! You rock!


  1. That is all such great news!! God is working everthing out!! :)

  2. yay!! awesome news!! moving forward!


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