Sunday, August 22, 2010

God's Up To Something

God's up to something. I just know it. I'm not sure what exactly, but there's something stirring in my heart and our lives and I'm sure it's God's way of preparing me. Obviously the central theme in our lives right now is our adoption. But I truly feel like there is more to this story that God is writing then getting us to our son in Ethiopia. Like we're just beginning a journey that is far bigger then us. This is just the tip to the iceberg.

Today at church we started a new series on Nehemiah. (Side note... "Nehemiah" seems to be a name that keeps coming up over and over again for one reason or another- I'm wondering if it'll be what we name our boy OR if God is just trying to teach us about the life of Nehemiah and how that applies to our journey? Either way, I smile every time I hear the name!) Anyway... the message today was about the burden and brokenness Nehemiah felt when he heard about the Jews back in Jerusalem and the great trouble and disgrace they were in. When he heard that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and it's gates were burned down- he wept and mourned. Our pastor talked about Nehemiah's discontent with the news and how it set the stage for an everyday hero to rise. That "for an ordinary person to become an everyday hero they have to come to the aid and need of a situation in a sacrificial way for a nobel purpose." Our pastor encouraged us to figure out what it was in our lives that made us broken, or emotional, or distraught.. what tugged on our heart strings, where we wished we could make a difference... And then pray about it.

So I'll do just that. Pray. My eyes have been captured by the faces of orphans, my heart has been burdened with the desperate needs of Ethiopia... that's about all I know right now- but again, God's up to something!

This is what I know for certain stirs my heart.

Ordinary Hero~ A day in the trash dump in Ethiopia from Kelly Putty on Vimeo.


  1. Oh my goodness, this gives me chills. This is exactly how I've been feeling for awhile now. We know that God is calling us to bring Caroline Faith home...but we don't think that is the end of the story. Can't wait to see how HE keeps writing our story!

  2. love your heart...we soooo enjoyed meeting joely and jason last nite...they are AWESOME!!!

  3. Let's talk about this. I agree adoption is to be a bigger theme. So excited to see who all God is calling out!

  4. Hey girl, you know I'm not good about God speaking to me and all that (I know you are smiling and laughing right now as you read this) but I know for sure this is all about something much bigger. Just in my heart of course I am beyond excited to get to the point to bring our child home but above that I feel like we have been able to already make a difference in many people's lives (especially at our church). Just to be the person in the community who is stepping outside of what is safe and comfortable and be passionate about it speaks volumes. I am already thinking beyond the adoption too, to continue saving and fundraising to make a difference for the orphans there now, to go over and maybe use my phsical therapy to help some children, to just keep our life's mission about helping these children and being the voice that can speak louder and do more than they can. Anyways, I'm with ya and glad to be in this journey together! May it never end :) Love ya

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  6. Hi Hilary
    I just became a follower of your blog. I am new to the bloggy world also and would love to have a button for people to grab off my blog. Haven't taken the time to sit down and try to figure it out, any pointers?

    My husband and I are just starting our adoption journey. We are waiting to hear back from our agency about being accepted into their Ethiopia program.

    I look forward to following your journey to your son.

    Blessings to you!


  7. I stumbled across your blog today through another adoption blog. I couldn't skip this post without commenting--Nehemiah has been on my mind, and I've been reading--but your comment about the sermon helps me piece it together. Blessings on your journey to your little one!


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