Friday, August 27, 2010

Classic Hilary

Personal mail, not so much bills, and packages at the front door have always brought joy to my heart, so you can only imagine how excited I get to see the UPS man deliver packages when I know it's stuff regarding our journey to our sweet boy! My excitement lead to a slightly funny and awkward little encounter with the UPS man as he was dropping off the package today...

I knew that we should be getting our Adoption Planner (The BIG Hefty) at some point during the day, so I've kept my eye out for it. We have a storm door in the front of our house so I just left open the front door so I could see when it got dropped off. I was in the hallway when I saw the beautiful brown truck pull up and without giving it much thought I hurried to meet the UPS man outside in our entry way. While anxiously waiting for him to meet me and hand off the much awaited package I started to realize he hadn't noticed me yet. He must not have heard me come outside and he was making his way up to my door with a quick little skip in his step and his head down looking at his computer gadget thing. There was that split second where I realized that he was about to plow into me and I just couldn't get my thoughts together to say anything. Literally at the last moment he quickly looked up, startled, and said "Oh! I'm so sorry miss!" to which I felt somewhat embarrassed that it was obvious I was overly eager to meet him outside for this package. So I said, "No! It's totally my fault! I've just been looking forward to seeing you all day!"... He then gave me a strange look, which made me realize that my words came out completely wrong and sounded like I had a crush on the poor guy or something! Sheesh Hil! Then it became this awkward moment of silence and shuffling of feet and I couldn't think of anything redeeming to say besides "Well, uh, thanks!"and I took my package. I chuckled as I walked inside thinking, "Classic Hilary"! I always get tongue tied or things come out totally the wrong way and I feel like it's just typical of me to create awkward moments. 

All that to say... we got our Adoption Planner! Yippee! So guess what we'll be reading and re-reading through this weekend?! We'll have a dossier run through call early next week with AGCI to cover the list of questions that we'll inevitably come up this weekend. Let the paper chase begin! 

Oh and a quick little side note... we will be having an Adoption Yard Sale the weekend of Sept. 25th to help raise funds for this journey. We sent out an email to our local friends asking if they had things they would be willing to donate for the sale, but if for some reason you weren't included in that email and you do live local... let me know if you are cleaning house and have things we could sell! Joshua just recently cleaned out our garage so we have space to put everything until that weekend... want to help us fill our garage and purge things from your house?! 


  1. Yay! So glad ya'll can get started now!! Let the fun begin!! :)

  2. I read it four times before I was comfortable with it. Now I'm like "Psh, I own you, A.P."

  3. Ha ha, that's so funny and cute!

  4. Congrats on getting the Big Hefty! ;-) Happy paper chasing!

  5. Paper chase exciting!!

  6. haha- that's hilarious! sounds a lot like a classic whitney, too!

  7. Hi Hilary,

    I am another family from the We Are Grafted In Ethiopia forum. I saw your link and stopped by for a visit to your blog (I love your background btw!). We are also in the paperchase stage and are working with Children's Hope to request a little boy or girl. I look forward to following your journey!



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