Monday, August 30, 2010

Today Was the Start of "Something"

Today was the start of "something". Today was the beginning of an answered prayer. Today God gave me a glimpse into His bigger plan. Today I was once again reminded that if you invite God into the picture, He shows up.

Remember just a couple posts ago how I said that God was up to something? How I felt that this adoption journey was just the tip of the iceberg to what He was doing in our lives? How all I knew was that He was stirring my heart but I didn't know what it all meant?

This past week a gal from church, Nancy, who helps head up the Compassion Ministry, got in touch with me and asked if we could meet for lunch today. I thought to myself, "Hmmm... this should be interesting." Nancy and I have literally met ONE other time at church when I dropped off an Inexhaustible Love shirt to her that she so graciously bought in support of our adoption. You see, we connected through the oh so popular world of Facebook through some mutual church friends a couple months ago. And if you've been sucked into the FB world you know very well that as creepy and in-personal as it might be, you feel like you get to know someone pretty stinking well entirely based on photos and status updates alone. All that to say, without even "knowing" Nancy I knew that we shared the same heart for orphans, and that I liked her. So going into today, I knew He was up to something!

At lunch today, God showed up. I'm just sayin'... I totally felt Him hanging out with us. (o; It was one of those moments where my heart was beating fast, my eyes were teary, and I genuinely felt like another layer to this story was being unfolded right before my eyes. I sat at the table with two amazing ladies, Nancy and Christine (another gal apart of the Local Compassion Ministry), and listened to them share their heart about how orphans and adoption and bringing awareness to both have been heavy on their hearts. How they desperately desired for leadership to arise within the church to help head up an adoption support group or bring about orphan awareness and how they wondered if I'd play a part in that?! I mean, seriously... it was like God was holding open this door and saying "Hil! Here you have it.. I stirred your heart for a reason... THIS moment! Here is need to be filled, trust me, I'll prepare you along the way. Go!"

It's clear that there is a need within our church for an adoption support group and for an outlet for those who have a heart for the orphans to get plugged in. I have NO IDEA how it will all come together, I'm okay with that- and thankfully so are Nancy and Christine. BUT what I do know is that I'll ask God to prepare me and guide me and I'll pray a whole hekava lot that He takes this desire we have to share, and blesses it! I know this burden on my heart doesn't stop with just bringing our child home. I know that I'm suppose to do more with it... and this is a door that I know was opened up by God, so I'll humbly walk through it.

God knows my fears of leadership roles. I give those over to Him. God knows my fears of failure. I give those over to Him. God knows my fears (and so does everyone else that knows me well enough) of public speaking. I give those over to Him.

Here's to the beginning of "something" far bigger than my plans!


  1. Yes, ma'am, today was a good day! Thank you for your big heart full of compassion and your obedience to listening to our wonderful God! I'm so excited that we're all getting on this journey together. And personally, I think God has BIG plans for you!

  2. Hilary, how exciting to see how God has stirred up your heart and to also see how you are trusting Him in faith in this journey! He definitely has a plan and I look forward to hearing more about how that will unravel and look in your and Joshua's life. It feels good and right to be IN His plan . . . instead of trying to make room for Him in our own plans- doesn't it? I am happy that your are learning and experiencing more of who our amazing and loving Father is. Yipee!

  3. Wow! Can't wait to see how God is going to use you to start something in your area! So exciting!!!

  4. It is such a good feeling to be brought togther with others that share the same passion!! Praying that God will use you big in his ministry!!

  5. hi there. we came across your blog via another adoption blog. we too are adopting from Ethiopia.

    as for the photo you posted- wordless! i mean, it is simply as cute as can be.

    we are now following your blog as well :)


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