Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quick Update and Prayer Request

Quick update for ya'll!....

So if you follow my status updates on Facebook at all you know that we've been waiting on our orientation packet from AGCI to arrive on our doorstep... and I've been practicing patience.  It's not my strong point- but I'm working on it.

Yesterday afternoon rolled around and I just thought it strange that we still had not received our orientation packet seeing as how last Thursday I was told she would send it out UPS 2 day. So, I called and left a message with the gal we've been working with.

Attempting to make a long story short, here's the gist... AGCI got back with us yesterday evening and let us know the packet has not yet been mailed out because we are needing to switch the home study agency we listed on our contract because they are no longer on AGCI's cooperating agency list. Truth be told, this came as a bit of a relief! While I was bummed that the orientation packet was not yet on the way, I was relieved that we would now have to go with a different home study agency. The ONLY reason we went with this particular agency from the get go was because A. they were on the list to choose from and B. they were least expensive.  The entire time I had a weird vibe about the agency and social worker... but just kept trying to shrug it off. I had literally just gone and talked to Joshua about some of my concerns about this home study agency when I got the message from AGCI saying that we couldn't use them even if we wanted to! Answer to prayer if you ask me... problem solved!

That being said... now we have a big prayer request!

There is a social worker/HS agency that we would LOVE to work with. The cost alone is significantly cheaper... SIGNIFICANTLY! We love the social worker and we have friends who have used her before and have great things to say about her. BUT... she is not yet listed as a cooperating agency with AGCI. After several back and forth conversations it seems that it might just be a possibility to get her on the approved list! She is willing to fill out the approval agreement with AGCI and it seems that AGCI is willing to add her to the list, as long as they get all the important paper work stuff from her. This would just be a huge answer to prayer! It's in the works right now between the two agencies- so it's completely out of my hands at this point, but if all goes well, we will be able to put her on our contract. After that, THEN our orientation packet will for real be sent out!

Here's what it comes down to...

The agency/social worker we really want to use:
Home Study fee $1000
Post Placement fee $100 per visit (3 required)
Payment plan of $500 due with application and $500 due when home study is complete

Our next best option if we are unable to use who we want:
Home Study fee $2500 (this includes 2 of the post placements)
1 additional Post Placement fee $250
The entire $2500 is due upfront

So... you can see why it would be such an answer to prayer if we could use the first home study agency! Ultimately we know God's got this covered and we pray for His plan to unfold. We lay our desires and hopes at His feet and trust that whatever the outcome, even if it's that we have to go with the more expensive home study agency a wait to have all the funds saved up to move forward, then it's okay and it's in His timing. We're trusting and praying... will you pray with us? Thanks!


  1. Praying this all works out!! :)

  2. Good luck! We had to pay $600 extra for our homestudy bc there are no AGCI approved agencies in our area, so our social worker is driving three hours! We didn't even have an agency that we could have tried to get approved by AGCI :-( Praying all goes well for you!

  3. Praying for ya'll! I really hope that AGCI will approve your social worker...that would be great!!

  4. Thanks gals for the prayers! We sure are hoping this particular agency gets put on the list, but if not... I really am trusting that it's God's perfect plan! More then anything we just want to be good stewards of the money we're raising and saving and stretch it as far as possible! Lara, how far in the boonies are you anyway girl?! Man $600 in milage, ugh! Seriously girls, thanks for your sweet prayers! They're much appreciated!


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