Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skype- it's a good thing!

Guess who's face we got to see today?! That's right... Joshua was able to SKYPE from Uganda this afternoon (10pm Uganda time). Thank heaven for modern day technology! He was able to borrow a team members iPhone, for which I'm so grateful- thank you Michael!  I must admit... it sure made the iPhone/iPad get scooched to the top of the Helms family wish list!

The PTCC team men meeting with one of the ministry leaders today.
I think this is Moses from Sixty Feet... but that's just a guess?
(I'm totally snagging this pictures off of FB as other team members post them,
hope that's okay! There wasn't a description under this photo. )
I've never been so excited to see that blue little "S" skype logo start jumping up and down and hear the ring come through! My eyes had that happy teary thing going on as I hit "connect" and his face showed up on the screen! We were able to catch up on his day and I ran through my list of questions for him. The short of it is... the entire team is doing great! They're all pretty exhausted from their first full day there with the jet lag and all... but I think they'll all sleep well tonight! They spent the day meeting with two incredible leaders from two different ministries- both of which serve the unfairly imprisoned children there outside of the capitol, Kampala. I don't think they actually spent any time with the children today, just met with the leaders. Tomorrow is when they'll head to Kampiringisa and be with the children. Again, prayers for the entire team tomorrow as no doubt, it'll take an emotional tole on all their hearts!

Jude was down for a nap when Joshua Skyped in... so after talking to Joshua for a bit, I told him to hang on for a second and went and grabbed Jude out of bed. He had just fallen into that crazy deep delirious stage of sleep and so he literally never woke up as I picked him up. I walked into the computer room, carrying Jude like a limp noodle with his head unconscious on my shoulder. Joshua's face was on the computer screen- but Jude's head was turned the other way, so he didn't notice. I sat down in the chair and Joshua whispered, "Hey buddy!"... Jude's head immediately shot straight up and his eyes were wide as saucers looking around. I'll tell you what, my boy knows his daddy's voice from anywhere! I told Jude to look at the screen and the instant he saw Joshua he yelled, "Daddy!!!" and reached out for his face! Melts my heart! He just kept interrupting in a soft voice, "Daddy!" the entire time in between Joshua and I's conversation, as though he was just soaking in the fact that he could see and hear his daddy.  Then at some point Jude remembered that Joshua still had his Finn McMissile (that I mentioned in a previous post). He asked daddy if he was taking pictures of Finn in Africa on adventures- to which daddy assured him he was. Jude told him all about the new "upgraded" Finn McMissile he got to replace the one that was left in daddy's pocket the other day. Joshua doubled checked with Jude to make sure it was still okay with him to give the Finn he had to a little boy who doesn't have any cars tomorrow at Kampiringisa. "Sure thing daddy! That'll be a good choice!"
Jude and his new upgraded Finn McMissile eating their afternoon snack!
(Sorry for the poor quality photo, the hubs has the camera with him!)

So I'm a happy camper having heard from my man today! Thank you for the continued prayers for the team as they are serving in Uganda! I'll keep you posted as I hear more!

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  1. so so fun!! glad you got to talk/see your hubs and praying for the team and YOU!!


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