Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Journey Home

The journey home for my man is just about under way! It's almost 11pm here making it 7am there in Uganda and the team has probably already crawled out of bed and begun their day! This morning they will wrap up the Pastor's Conference that they've been teaching for the past 3 days, grab a sack lunch, throw their luggage in the van, and then begin their trek back to the airport in Kampala (about a 2 hour drive from Jinja)! It's at this point that I realize just how crazy long the travel is to Uganda- because although he is "technically" coming home today- he doesn't arrive in Dallas until 1:30pmish until Friday- and that's with gaining 8 hours coming home! C-R-A-Z-Y! Honestly, the whole time difference just confuses the heck out of me! All I know is... Friday afternoon is going to be a good day for Jude and I- daddy will be home! Wahoo! 

It's getting late and I'm exhausted, so while I have so much to share about how amazing the past several days for Joshua have been.... there is no way I can sum it up real quick and make it to bed before midnight! So... I'll leave you with more pictures that the team has been posted on facebook- and let the photo's speak for themselves! Truly, I am so excited to hash through all the details of the trip with Joshua when he gets home and is really able to process through all that he has experienced! No doubt, this has been a life changing trip for him! He's insistent that I go on the next trip, which is January! So we shall see!!! 

The PTCC team and the Bishop and his wife

Joshua teaching at the conference

More teaching- clearly his gift... and NOT mine! (o; 

Giving his testimony at a remote church this past Sunday

Sunday church

Precious child. The ladies visited Food for Children and this is one of the children that is there.

A common site

The ladies at Food for Children, an amazing ministry!

Quite possibly one of the cutest babies ever!

I wonder what he thinks of American kids consumed with what they're going to wear to school?!

Powerful image to me.

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  1. Wow, amazing pictures!!! And it looks like Josh definitely has the gift of teaching! I know you are so ready for him to be home, but it sounds like they have had an unbelievable trip!!!


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