Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amazima (means "truth" in the Lugandan language)

I thought I would share some more pictures with you that were posted on the Uganda 2011 Facebook just a bit ago from the team's time in Jinja today working with a truly incredible ministry run by a young girl named Katie, Amazima! They were able to participate in Amazima's Community Outreach feeding program, packing lunches for over 300 kids! Joshua and I weren't able to keep our Skype connection today because I guess electricity has been on and off there all day (no surprise, this is a common thing in Uganda) and they're running on back up generators. However, for a couple of precious minutes we were able to connect and I was able to see a spark in Joshua's eye and a passion in his voice for what he had experienced today! Despite the awkward delay where our voices weren't matching up with our mouths moving and the fact that we kept interrupting each other because of it... one thing was clear... my hubby experienced our Heavenly Father in a unique way today!  I walked away from our conversation knowing one thing is for certain, Joshua's heart is being stirred for far greater things! Please pray for Katie and the work she is doing in the lives of so many precious Ugandan people, both young and old! Please pray for continued clarity and wisdom for Joshua and he processes through this trip and all that God is doing in and through him! Please pray that, while we know this trip is just another piece to the puzzle that God is putting together in our lives, ultimately, as a family we would seek God above all else and have the courage to live our lives in reckless abandonment for His names sake!  Thank you for your prayers, we truly are forever grateful! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy! 


  1. of course i love this... no surprise He met the Spirit of the Father today... Amazima is certainly graveling at the feet of Jesus... praying God does great and mighty things!! We certainly have some good men!

  2. What an amazing trip! Love reading all that God is doing through them!!!


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