Friday, July 22, 2011

Pictures Speak

Sometimes pictures speak louder then words.... The time at Kamiringisia, my husband was left speechless.

Lovin' on kids & praying for them
This particular boy asked that Joshua pray for knowledge so he does well in school. Sweet child. 

The faces of God's children

Lining up outside for the items our team brought for them

Where the kids hang out during the day

Please continue to pray for these children. I first heard of Kampiringisa in February at an adoption retreat, I would have never thought that 5 months later my husband would actually be there, seeing with his own eyes, what broke my heart through a documentary! Only God. If you think of it, please pray for Joshua and the rest of the team as they process through all that they are experiencing.

I've been blessed to Skype with my hubby every day and catch a glimpse of the amazing work God is doing in and through the entire team! Truly incredible!


  1. LOVE seeing this... knowing God is doing something so deep in you guys!!

  2. Love the pic of Joshua praying over that sweet boy! Precious!


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