Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jude's first "solo" prayer

Every night we pray with Jude before he goes to sleep. He always repeats after us in going through our list of "thank you for..." and then he enthusiastically says "AMEN!" really loud at the end.

Earlier this week I decided to ask Jude if he wanted to pray on his own, all by himself. To which he shyly replied, "Nope, I don't know how." Trying to encourage him to step outside his comfort zone I said, "Yeah you do bud. Just like mommy and daddy do with you every night- you just talk to God." I heard him take a deep breath and with a little bit of attitude say, "Fine mom, I'll do it." To which I squeezed his hand and said "That a boy, okay- go ahead!".

So here you have Jude's very first solo prayer....

Jude: "Jesus? Jesus?! JESUS?!" (each time he said it he got louder and louder, as if he expected a response back.)
Me: "Jesus can hear you bud, go ahead." (as I tried not to smile or laugh knowing that he would stop praying if I embarrassed him in the least.)
Jude: "Thank you for our blessings. Thank you for making good choices. Thank you for making the good choice to die on the cross for our sins (melt my heart moment). Thank you for pirates and super heros (truly the important things in life... well, to a 4 year old at least!). Thank you for my puzzle fireman, my puzzle knight, and my puzzle worker man. Thank you for all our food (sounds like his daddy!). Please be with the people in Opia (the way he says Ethiopia) who do not have food... like Isa (love my tender hearted boy!). Bring Isa home so he can have a mommy and daddy... MY mommy and daddy. Wait... who is going to be my mom and dad?! (said with a little bit of panic in his voice)."
Me: "We're still going to be your mom and dad Jude, always!"
Jude: "Oh, okay (with a tone of relief). Amen then."


  1. Love that precious boys heart. Can't wait to pray along with my 4-year-old!

  2. PRICELESS. love it. sweet boy.

  3. Oh my goodness, how PRECIOUS is he?!!!

  4. Bless his heart!!! Love it :)

  5. Love! Love! He is so sweet.

  6. That whole prayer was heart melting. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Hil! xox

  7. make sure you print and save that! Great prayer to share! I can see Jesus smiling!


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