Monday, April 25, 2011

His Kingdom Come

Since my last post regarding Joshua's Uganda support letters going out, God has once again been smiling down from heaven- working through people to accomplish His plans! $960 has already been raised towards his total trip goal of $3,300!!! I'm just shaking my head in awe of the generosity of others and the way God uses His people as His hands and feet to get the job done! I'm amazed at the willingness of others to give freely and I pray blessings on them for being such a blessing to us! Obviously over the past year the reoccurring theme in our lives has been God blowing our socks off, and it got me thinking...

It is simply humbling and amazing for Joshua and I to watch how God provides for the "kingdom come" things in life! At church a couple weeks ago our pastor was talking about how when we pray, God always listens, no matter what... BUT when we pray for "His kingdom come" type things, He's like "What's that Hilary!? I'm listening intently now! You want MY will to be done on earth as it is in heaven?! You have my attention!". This is true folks! I can testify first hand to the power of the change in prayer that this past year of our lives has brought- God has radically moved in mighty ways like we have never seen before! It's simple really- once our prayers were shifted upwards rather than inwards- our world flipped upside down... in crazy amazing good ways! God has moved mountains to accomplish His work! I can't even count how many prayers I have taken to God over the years filled with MY worries, MY plans, MY hang ups, MY desires, MY crap (let's just be honest)! I'm just sayin', the kingdom come type prayers, where I'm begging God for His will in my life have been so much more rewarding! And it's not that He didn't hear all the "MY" prayers, He did, He still does... I just think He's longing for us to come to Him with more! He's just waiting and hoping for us to come to Him with our lives and lay them at His feet and say, "Here you go God... I give my one and only life to you. Make it pretty because I make it a mess. Lead the way, I'll follow. Break my heart for what breaks yours. I am desperate for You God because the life you desire for me is far bigger than I can accomplish on my own. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." I can just picture Him sitting on the edge of His seat (eh, throne is probably more appropriate) waiting in anticipation when we pray, yearning for us to lay our agenda aside and beg for His, because I truly believe He LOVES to blow our socks off!

So it should come as no surprise that $960 has already been provided in just over a weeks time! I'm pretty confident that this Uganda trip is right up God's alley and His heart beats a little faster when we pray specifically about it... regardless, I still feel a little like (well, a lot like) Jude in this picture- amazed!



  1. YEAH!!! YEAH!!! It feels crazy to be that amazed right??? But I think God is just going to KEEP amazing you even more.

  2. AWESOME!!! Love how God is already providing!!!

  3. So pleased to hear the good news and to see you two giving God the chance to amaze you!


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