Saturday, April 9, 2011

Abba's Children

I've yet to mention how great our last Abba's Children (our church's unfolding orphan care ministry) went on March 31st! I sit here amazed at how God is clearly at work in this group already! We had about 30 adults and 10 kids at our potluck packed into Nancy's house and the buzz in the room of hearts that desired to love on orphans just brought a smile to my face! We all represent different aspects of orphan care but we're united with a passion to "do something" and love the fatherless and live out the gospel in Christ! I'm genuinely excited to see what God has in store for this group and I continue to beg for His guidance along the way as we grow and develop as a ministry! We haven't even had an official launch of Abba's Children at our church (and probably won't for several more months)- and just by word of mouth- the people are coming! It's like Field of Dreams... "If you build it, they will come!". LOVE it!

Last night, we had our first ever spontaneous Abba's Children Airport Welcome Home Party for one of the families from our church! It's actually our worship leader and his wife, Warren and Sonya, who, in a whirlwind of God ordained events, adopted a sweet little boy from Alabama (name is still to come!). I can't even begin to tell you how much joy this whole evening brought to my heart! I stood there looking around at the group of people gathered in anticipation, excited to welcome this baby home... everyone was starring at the escalator waiting to see the feet of Warren and Sonya and the new addition to their family come down, and thought to myself, "This is what it's all about!". Wrapping around families who are stepping out in faith to support and love on them! The cheer of joy when we finally saw their feet and then their faces was pure heaven! It was humbling to be in a moment where you knew God was looking down smiling- because a child of His was given a family! And not just any family, but a WONDERFUL family who will raise this boy to know Jesus! "God sets the lonely in families" Psalm 68:6. It was just pure goodness all around! We are so excited to have front row seats to watch God work in Warren and Sonya's family!
As we arrived. Can you tell I was excited?!

We all gathered waiting for them to arrive!

They had NO idea! They didn't even know this was "a thing" to do in the crazy world of adoption! 

Warren and Sonya with their Itty Bitty! 

The first of many Abba's Children welcome home parties!

And we sent them off in prayer... in the parking garage as they loaded up into their car! Classic. 

So there you have it! A little glimpse of what God can do when you say "YES" to His plans in life! He knew Abba's Children needed to be "unofficially" up and running- if for nothing else, just for this very moment of welcoming home this family! If He can take me and all my inadequacies and true fear of speaking in front of people, and use me as a leader to make something beautiful like this out of an orphan care ministry, what might He have in store for YOU at your church?! I say, step out in faith and do something, start something, come together as one voice, and watch and see what God can do!


  1. Love! You were SO EXCITED, as you should be, I would have felt the same way! And I love that they had no idea about airport parties are were totally shocked!

  2. Tears!! Such an amazing moment!!

  3. Awesome night and great recap, Hilary! You're the best!!

  4. Love this! We just had our first airport party a few weeks ago too! Such an amazing night! Love seeing what God is doing through Abba's Children! So cool!!!


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