Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cupcake Kids!!!

Yesterday was the much anticipated Cupcake Kids sale at Joshua's school! If you haven't heard about Cupcake Kids... it's a fundraiser to help the amazing ministry of Sixty Feet that helps the imprisoned children in Uganda! Truly they are an amazing ministry and I would encourage everyone to check it out... who knows, maybe God plans on using YOU to be His hands and feet to make a difference in this ministry?!

Our game plan for selling the cupcakes was simple... set up "camp" outside the main doors of the school, so that when the last bell of the day rang at 2:30pm- BAM! Hundreds of hungry students would see these amazing cupcakes! Not only did this genius plan work- the second we started setting up the table and put the first cupcake down at 1:30pm- students that had early release were hovering over my shoulder like, "Oooo, cupcakes! Can I buy one?! Huh, Huh, Huh?!". To which I replied, "Uhm, ABSOLUTELY!!!". We opted to NOT put a price on the cupcakes and just ask the students to make a donation. Joshua and I went back and forth on whether or not this stratagy would backfire on us, considering we were asking high school students who might just throw in a penny... BUT I'm just here to tell you- the incredible students of MHS are so generous and they dug deep in their pockets to make a BIG difference! I seriously saw one girl put a $20 in the jar, I made eye contact with her and through the crowd mouthed the words, "Wait, hun- do you need change?!" to which she humbly smiled and shook her head no, and walked away! It's little moments like that, that simply leave me speechless! 

So... the cupcakes you see on the table in the picture at the top of the post were all graciously whipped up by family and friends (Phoebe, Stacy, Beth, Kaydee, Gretchen, and Bekah's mom- ya'll are the best!)... those scrumptious cupcakes raised... Drum Roll Please..... $142.34 to help the sweet children in Uganda and the AMAZING ministry of Sixty Feet!!! 

I also just wanted to take a second and thank the students that helped set up and "sell" (even though it didn't really require any sales expertise, considering the crowd brought itself)... But once again, CLUB 2412... ya'll simply amaze me with your willingness to jump in and help with your big hearts that genuinely desire to make a difference around the world! Jude couldn't be more excited to go to "Daddy's School" either, because he gets to hang out, I mean flirt with, pretty girls like these! For real, he loves Mara and Hailey and has been talking to me about them since yesterday! He also keeps asking me if we have any more cupcakes- because he might be addicted! I mean, look at those PINK lips! Crazy kid! 

My dear friend Whitney and her adorable son Mekele stopped by too (he is adopted from Ethiopia- and just a little background, I know I've mentioned it before, but they were the first couple we ever talked with to beg for wisdom when we jumped into this adoption journey! So they will always hold a special place in our lives for the very reason that they're such a part of Isa's story!). I'm so grateful for Whitney in my life and that our hubby's teach across the hall from each other! So I just have to share the cupcake sweetness of Mekele's face too- because it's just too cute to pass up! 

And if you know my mom at all, you would find it no surprise that she too swung by to help out and show her support... and maybe love on her grandson too! Seriously, one day I will do entire post on how incredible my mom is! My eyes fill up with tears just thinking about it! She is and always has been my number one fan in everything and I do- this adoption process and all the facets that God has worked through it, whether it be starting up Abba's Children or these fundraisers for other ministries on the side- she's there, always! I'm telling ya, if I can be HALF the mom she is to me, I'm good to go in life! I'm going to stop now because if I go on I'll become a blubbery mess! 

So, once again- God showed up, and provided for His children around the world through high school students here in Texas! I love seeing how He uses other's to accomplish His work! 


  1. So glad to get to be a small part of the cupcake sales! those things really did sell themselves!!! crowds of hungry high schoolers!! i'm aching to hold another one!! wonder where... and i am so thankful for you, josh, and jude!!!!

  2. Oh, I'm tearing up as I'm reading this!!! Love seeing God use all sorts of folks for His purposes! Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting The Cupcake Kids and SixtyFeet. Y'all have simply blessed us!

    Joy Harty on behalf of the SixtyFeet team

  3. YAY!! What an amazing cupcake sale!! Praise God! And what a great idea to have it at the high school!!!


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