Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Time Has Come! Our Adoption Yard Sale is HERE!

I just put Jude down for his afternoon nap and I have a split second to write, before getting back to pricing and organizing the last load of things that was just dropped off for the Yard Sale! Guess what?!... The time has come to get this ball rolling!!! So much generosity, preparation, organization,  and time have been put into this sale and tomorrow and Saturday we're praying it pays off! Just incase you've been living under a rock and haven't heard my many annoying updates- This weekend, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th, starting at 7AM on both days, at 8205 Sonnet Drive McKinney TX 75071, we're going to be selling a ton of donated items and 100% of the proceeds are going towards our adoption costs! 

We have already been blessed by early "buyers" off of Craigslist and have made a profit of $555 before the sale even begins!!! We've taken some of that money and put it back into the yard sale to have donuts, coffee, hot dogs, and drinks at the sale along with the some of the costs in making the signs & cards. But seriously, what a great start!

My prayer is that God would just show up this weekend! In ways that I can't imagine. I pray that He shows up in conversations with strangers, and that we would represent Him well. I pray for generous hearts and that He would provide in amazing ways, like He did in multiplying the fish and bread for the five thousand in Matthew 14.  I pray that hearts might be opened to adoption and the truth of God's love for the orphans would be evident. I pray that the items we're selling would bless others in need and come as an answered prayer to them as well. I pray for awesome weather! I pray that ultimately we would tell the story He is writing in lives well and that He would get the glory in it all. 

We would be so grateful for your prayers as well! It's going to be two pretty early mornings, the game plan is to be up by 4AM and setting stuff out by 5AM... so pray that we don't fall asleep! Oh how wonderful it would be if we were able to sell EVERYTHING!?!

To top off an already super busy weekend, we have our Home Study meeting on Sunday afternoon where our caseworker, "B",  is coming to our house- so after the sale, some serious cleaning and baby proofing is going to be going down in the Helms house! Say a little prayer for Joshua because he's not super enthusiastic about cleaning and I'm hoping he choses to have a happy heart about it all! (o;


  1. Good luck! We are fundraising away as well, planning this shopping fundraiser.

  2. Wow!! It looks like ya'll are going to have a great garage sale! Can't wait to hear the final result...I think it is going to BIG!! :)

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us updated! I've really enjoyed following your journey and praying for you all as God orchestrates this adoption. I see the church of Acts exemplified all over this experience!
    I've been really blessed to read about Lucy Lane's story and Mekele. Learning their stories has helped make yours all the more real to me and has made me all the more exicted for you all. I could sit and read yalls adoption blogs all day long but then I have to remind myself I'm at work and I should probably get things done ;). On that note, have a blessed Friday and a blessed yard sale! Just know your cause it brought before the thrown here in East Tennessee.

  4. Just prayed for a successful sale for you! Our rummage sale is scheduled for tomorrow. Praying that the Lord brings boatloads of people to both our sales!


  5. So I'm brand-spankin-new to this whole blog thing, well at least the following part. Can someone help me figure out how to follow someones blog? I can't find the follow button on people's blogs I want to follow. LOL, I'm so ignorant when it comes to this!

  6. We also have a bio daughter and then adopted our son from Ethiopia. You can check out our adoption process on You will be in our prayers as you make your journey there. It is a blessing we never asked for but God chose for us to have. What an honor!


  7. Hey there! I know this post is old, but my husband and I are starting the adoption process right now! We are SO excited! But, we have no money. I can get into that more later (over email, perhaps?). Anyway, I was just curious how high you priced items for your garage sales? That was one of my fundraising ideas once we get the ball rolling, but I'm worried about how to price stuff.

    So, since our family/friends don't know that we're planning to adopt, can you email me if you have a chance? I would LOVE to pick your brain!! :)

    Lindsey :)


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