Monday, September 6, 2010

All in All a Productive Weekend!

This weekend the hubby and I spent time focusing on our crafty side... working on some of the details for the Adoption Yard Sale. We made up a poster that we can have set out at the sale, with the hopes that it'll open up doors of conversation about what we're doing and why. We were able to knock out several signs that we'll have posted around the neighborhood too pointing people our way.

We've also been spending much time in our garage organizing, pricing, and cleaning items that we'll have for sale. Each item out there represents a person (and yes, I know who has given each and every item out there!) that donated the item and more importantly ANOTHER individual apart of this story that God is writing to bring home our child! Our full garage is such a representation of God's faithfulness to provide! Our sweet and generous neighbors next door, Liz & Ken, noticed the overflow of items and even offered to let us start stocking up their garage as well! How great is that?! So if this is just the motivation you need to de-clutter around the house- we'll take anything you're willing to donate!

We also hit our required education reading head on this weekend with only two more online courses to complete! We're down a couple more chapters in the daunting, Eyes Wide Open workbook too. I say daunting because I feel like it's going to take us forever to finish this thing! My hand hurts after each chapter from all the short answer questions, so I made an executive decision that Joshua and I are to take turns writing each chapter- I don't think he's thrilled with the idea, but geesh my hand needs a break!

Quick update on the home study agency we're hoping to use... they sent over all the additional documents that AGCI was asking for this weekend- so my fingers are crossed that things will be finalized this week and we can set up our dossier walk though call (a.k.a. "DWC" as I recently learned it's called from some professional adoption mama's!). We've pretty much read and re-read through everything in the Adoption Planner and have already gotten a head start on obtaining the documents that we know we don't have any questions about- so we're moving right along!

All in all a productive weekend!


  1. That looks great Hil! Was the big sign the one made through VistaPrint? You guys are already so prepared and you still have a few weeks...I'm hoping to be as up on our stuff as you guys are but Oct sounds so far away so it's hard to get excited just yet :) Love ya xoxo

  2. I have a ginormous callous from writing in that blasted workbook!! And, tell me, how do you like the voices that read to you in the online courses???

  3. We took turns writing to in the EWO workbook. Your signs are great! Best wishes on your yard sale!

  4. hey!

    we love TN too. we live in KY but we try to get down to TN once a year. It is wonderful !!!!

  5. Seeing your wedding pictures brought back a flood of memories! What a beautiful day and a wonderful celebration! We hope you are doing well - and are excited to see what happens next in this adventure. We have some friends in JC that just have just adopted a little boy into their home. They have waited and waited and they finally have a sweet little addition to their family! Your day will be soon! May God continue to encourage you and give you endurance & wisdom as you press on! Loveyou - Shell


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