Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

It's a week before our mega Adoption Yard Sale and you want to hear something awesome?!?.... We've already made $470 before the sale even begins! Wahoo! I decided to post the sale on several online free classifieds late last week, Craigslist being one of them. Well just from that post, we were able to sell an armoire, fridge, lawn mower, and kid's rocking chair = $470!!! Which also means less stuff for us to have to drag out on the mornings of the sale! A true blessing if you ask Joshua! Oh but don't fret, we still have some great things for the sale! A gas dryer, tons of kids toys and necessities, clothes (from baby to adult), poker table, home decor, bikes... yadda yadda- the list goes on!

Another pretty cool thing that has come of this are the people we've met who have bought the stuff! Truly, it's been a blessing to have incredible people buy the things we've sold so far! We've been encouraged and blessed by our encounters with complete strangers! We're getting ready to meet a gal today actually who is dropping off several totes worth of home decor for our sale. She saw our post promoting the yard sale on Craigslist and said she wanted to help and donate some things in support of our adoption! LOVE this! God is using strangers to bring this kiddo home!

On the paper chase side of things, everything is coming along! We were able to get our power of attorney notarized yesterday and I'll send one of the copies off to get state certified on Monday. We filled out our passport applications today and will get those in the mail too. I met with "B" our home study social worker on Thursday and I LOVE her! I was able to have my first little interview with her and hand over all the documents she was needing for the home study. She'll be coming out to our place next Sunday to meet the whole family, including my mom, dad and sis! I genuinely am looking forward to meetings with her- there is something very therapeutic about her that I just love (it might be the fact that she has an awesome South African accent that I truly could listen to all day long!). I'm going to be bummed when our home study is complete and we're not required to meet with her! (o; We're still knocking out our required education one night at time, The Eyes Wide Open workbook will not get the best of us.. just our aching hands! We have one more online course to finish up and we'll be done with that!

So it looks like we almost have everything checked off the list that we have to order and take care of when it comes to our dossier documents! Joshua still needs to get in for his physical and have it notarized, but other than that, it's just waiting on getting back the things we've requested... our recommendation letters, copies of our birth certificates, state certified power of attorney, and our FBI checks to come back! I just sighed because I actually see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I'm still praying for balance in it all because the juggling act of life, adoption, and fundraising is still a bit tricky. I keep telling myself that this is just for a season of our lives and once we have our home study and dossier turned in and are put on the wait list I will be able to breathe again!

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