Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know I said this before, but staring at this "Big Hefty" adoption planner day in and day out without really being able to fully tackle this thing is driving me crazy! My fingers are crossed that we'll be able to have our dossier walk-thru call this week and I'll be given the official "go ahead" to start the paper chase! (side note: I got an email today from AGCI letting me know they received the email from the home study agency with all the additional requested documents, and that the social services department had it and they would be in touch with me when they heard more. So we're moving along in the right direction!) That being said, there are several things on the list of documents to order that seem pretty fool proof, and so to fulfill the need of accomplishing something in this binder, I ordered our marriage license and birth certificates today!

When I called good ole' Carter County Court house in East TN to request our marriage license today, the minute the gal answered the phone it made me miss Tennessee! We've been here in the Dallas area now for almost 4 years, but there is something about small town East Tennessee that tugs on my heart strings. Maybe it's because it's where Joshua and I met, fell in love and got married, maybe it's because that time in our lives represents some of our sweetest memories of true fellowship and growth with friends, maybe it's because deep down I'm a country girl at heart, maybe it's because it's where all my "kinfolks" are from, maybe it's simply the fact that I miss the beautiful mountains and the accessibility to outdoor adventure fun. Whatever the reason, calling the 423 area code makes me smile and hearing Patsy (that was the gals name at the courthouse today) at the other end of the line answer the phone with her southern twang brought a feeling of "home" to my inner being. She added yet another reason why I love Tennessee... after I told her I needed two official copies of our marriage license mailed to me because we were adopting internationally she said, "Sure thing, they're on the way sweetie!" to which I replied "Okay, what is that going to cost?" and she said, "Sweetie, don't you worry about it- I've got it covered, they'll be out in the mail to you today!" Fearing that she misunderstood that I just wasn't needing copies of the license but the actual official certified deal I questioned her, but she reassured me that she was sending me the right thing! Wahoo for a free document checked off the list! If I were to have ordered this sucker through Vitalcheck it was going to cost me over $30... Yay for small town TN courthouses with super nice "Patsy's"working there! She made my day! I was sure to tell her that too! Patsy's name is written in RED on the calendar... she's an answered prayer in this journey!


  1. I did not use Vitalcheck for that reason. I can't believe you are still waiting to start on dossier stuff. You poor thing.

  2. These photos call to mind great memories. I am glad that Elizb is kind to you.

  3. Yay! Glad you at least got that checked off the list while you are waiting! And got it free too! Awesome! We used vitalcheck and it was not free! :)


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