Thursday, September 9, 2010

The "Nudge" of God

Over and over again Joshua and I have been amazed at how people are totally taking initiative and generously thinking outside the box in ways to help fund this crazy expensive adoption of ours! I mean, seriously... they're following through and coming up with ideas I would have never thought of, all in an effort to help bring our little boy home! It's quite possibly the most amazing and humbling experience of our life! And to think, we could be missing all of this if we would have said no to His burden because of our fear!

What really sticks out though is that people are being obedient to the nudge of the Holy Spirit to "do something"! It's like God is whispering in the ears of His people, giving them ideas, and courage, and creativity, and guts to follow through. I know He funds His callings... I'm just simply amazed at how He uses His people to do it! I say that with tears in my eyes because it simply is "God"... He's at work. These blessings have been a HUGE reminder to Joshua and I as well to follow through and be obedient to the whispers of God! I've never seen more clearly God use His people as His hands and feet to accomplish His story!

I went to the mail box today to find a letter from a gal who went to college with my sis, Carla. I'd like to share with you what her note said:

"Joshua and Hilary,

Cool story: I was wearing "your" t-shirt the other day while helping neighbors clear out their garage. I offered to list their dog crate on Craigslist for them. After asking about my shirt they told me to sell the crate and give you the $!!! How cool is that??!! So I got the idea to go to garage sells for cheap stuff and clean it up. I'll sell it in an upcoming resale and what I make goes to your fund! Hope this adds to your fund a little at a time.


And she included $35 in cash.... What?! Simply the hands of God at work once again! Carla, you amaze me and I can't thank you enough for being a part of our story!

Other GREAT news that we found out today... The home study agency we want to use finally got approved today and is now officially a cooperating HS with AGCI! Our Dossier Walk-thru is scheduled for Monday evening! Yay!

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  1. yay, so exciting about your HS agency! Bet that's a huge weight off your shoulders :)


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