Monday, September 20, 2010

How it's unfolding- His timeline thus far!

So I have a "timeline" page on the side of the blog that I highly doubt anyone ever notices or looks at... I wish I could have a different layout for our blog design where I could put tabs at the top to direct people to the main "umph" of this journey, but I can't. So for now, the hard to notice, "How it's unfolding so far" link will have to do. BUT... just to catch everyone up real quick on only the factual milestones we've hit so far, here you have it! Keep in mind our calendar is chalked full of all the emotional blessings we've received and all the details of generosity as well! That being said, even just looking at the nitty gritty met requirements and paperwork turned in bring me to tears as it's so stinking evident God is unfolding this story right before our eyes!

September 20: Mailed off Power of Attorney to get state certified. Mailed off application for passports.
September 17: Notarized our Power of Attorney
September 16: Notarized copies of our birth cert's for HS. Met with "B" our home study social worker and handed over all the important doc's she needed to start our home study! LOVED her! 
September 13: Dossier Walk-thru webinar
September 12: Passport pictures taken
September 10: Hilary's doctor appointment needed for dossier, notarized
September 9: Bright Dreams International home study agency finally was approved as a cooperating agency with AGCI, we can move forward!
September 8: Ordered Birth Certificates
September 7: Ordered marriage license
August 31: Purchased the required online education courses, cost: $172
August 30: Heard from AGCI, still working on getting Bright Dreams International approved as a cooperating agency. Can't do our dossier run-through call until that is taken care of. Praying.
August 29: Began our required education "Eyes Wide Open" workbook... it's gonna take awhile!
August 27: Received Adoption Planner (aka The Big Hefty): Includes everything we need to gather for our dossier and allows us to begin the paper chase!
August 25: AGCI Received our Orientation Packet/Contract and it's all good!
August 23: Mailed in all our notarized Orientation Packet/Contract to AGCI with our $7390 check
August 21: Got all Orientation Paperwork notarized
August 20: Had our AGCI Orientation call
August 16: Orientation Packet Arrived!
August 11: Found out we needed to change home study agencies. Hoping for Bright                                   Dreams International- the two agencies are getting the paperwork together to see if they can make Bright Dreams a cooperating agency.
August 5: Officially Approved with AGCI
August 4: Mailed in FBI fingerprints
August 3: Joshua and I got our FBI fingerprints taken
July 30: Mailed in our Official Application with AGCI with $300 application fee
July 29: Met our goal of having $6000 in savings in order to start the process!
All of June: Raised money
May 10: Sent out update letters letting other's know what God was doing in our lives
April 14: Asked AGCI how much we should have saved up before turning in official application. Recommended over $6k. Start thinking creatively on how to come up with that kind of money!
April 8: AGCI approval for the pre-application
March 25:  Joshua and I both felt like God laid Adoption on our hearts at the same time on this night.


  1. Love it!! You're moving right along!! Good job!!

  2. Wow! Our process is almost exactly flipped...we're doing our Home Study paper chase and education now. Haven't gotten the Big Hefty from AGCI yet because we need to raise some support for that hefty check that goes with the contracts. But it's so encouraging for me to see how your process has just kept moving along even when you weren't able to work on both the Dossier and Home Study at the same time. I hope ours moves as smoothly as yours has. I'll be praying for you.

  3. Hey, I'm a newbie at this blog thing, but I just added pages to the top of my blog. Check it out and see if that's what you're wanting. If so, E-mail me at and I'll walk you through it. :) P.S. Nice job on the meticulous record keeping! We're about in the same place as you guys, I think...waiting on the home study to be written. :)


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