Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stupid Confession

Okay, so I've got a stupid confession... I was terrified that not a single person would bid on these little Africa shirts mom and I made! The night before I posted them, I literally laid there in bed (apparently I do all my worrying at night before falling asleep) and thought to myself... "What if this is a complete and total flop and I look like such an idiot!?" And then I'd have this little conversation with myself about how even if there isn't a single bid on a shirt that surely there would be something to learn from it and how worrying about it was going to do me no good. But truth be told... I couldn't convince myself to not be anxious about it no matter how hard I prayed. There's something incredibly humbling about making yourself vulnerable to failure.

All that to say.... why do I worry myself over things that I know God has under control?! From the get go, He's had His name written all over this adoption process so I shouldn't be surprised that He'd have the details of our little shirt auction covered too! So first off, thanks God for continually reminding me that you're in control and you've got this thing covered! Second off... thank you friends and family for totally blowing us out of the water and actually bidding! Every single shirt sold AND I learned that Navy and Pink shirts are really popular! (o; Note taken.

So I spent a total of right around $50 to buy the shirts and material to make them up. After all is said and done, we just sold them all for $165!!! So technically we made $115... but really, the $50 to make the shirts just came out of our normal budget, so all of the $165 is going straight into our adoption savings account!!! Wahoo! Ya'll... I'm telling you- one step at a time we're getting closer and closer to turning in this official application! To everyone that placed a bid, you are so appreciated! And to Allison, Leslie, Jess, Erika, & Beth... we hope you LOVE your shirts and we're thankful to have you be part of God's story of bringing home our child!


  1. I am so happy they went over so well. I hope you do it again, because I really would like to get a navy one.

  2. Worrying doesn't help God out?!? :) I LOVE my shirt - I wore it to work today!

  3. Yay! Glad you like the shirt Leslie!!!


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