Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Little Sappy

To all the single mama's out there... my hats off! As most of you know, Joshua has been in Colorado doing this AP reader thing for school this past week, which means I've been running the show back at home by myself. I'd just like to pause here for a minute and say that our kiddo, Jude, is just great! He really is an easy kid with a tender heart that truthfully makes being his mom such a joy! BUT... he is also 3 years old, which brings with it testing of patients and his desire for independence. It also brings with it a lot of "Why's?" and "No's", which gets old super quick. So, come the end of the day... I'm flat out tired!

Joshua's absence has really made me so thankful for his presence. At the end of these tiresome days, I can't help but thank God that Joshua is an awesome daddy and a great husband! I love that in the middle of HUGE life changing decisions, like the completely overwhelming journey of adopting from Ethiopia, that I have a team-mate along side of me that I know is earnestly seeking God's will. I love that I am married to a man that I can pray with when I'm anxious & pray with when I'm thankful! All that to say, I'm happy that God gave me Joshua for this adventure we're on! Jude is a lucky boy to have such an incredible daddy and one day there is going to be one lucky Ethiopian kiddo that will be able to call him daddy too!

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  1. Well said. It's called a team, being one, together for the higher cause. Rest is the cure for NO's & Why's. Plus giggles and laughter goes a long way. Your doing a great job! Mom


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