Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Photos

Yesterday evening we took some family photos. Once we have our money saved up and we're ready to turn in our adoption agency application, we're required to include a family picture. This was just one little way to feel like I was staying ahead of the game by having it already done.

I love doing stuff like this... driving around with no rhyme or reason, looking for pretty country roads and land to take pictures on. Joshua on the other hand... well he's more of a "lets get to the final destination" kinda guy. So my little fun picture taking outings as a family aren't necessarily on the top of his to do list. BUT... yesterday I've gotta give him some credit and say that he put a smile on and decided to be easy going and explore with me a bit to find some pretty areas! I made sure to thank him too! And I think he'd agree that we had a great time as a family!

Jude thinks it is totally normal to have a camera in his face all the time. He's got the process down pat. Since we only bring a tri-pod and set the camera on
timer we've taught him that he has to smile and watch the blinking light until he hears it click.
Last night, while we were starring at the blinking light, I couldn't tell if he was smiling or not, so I nudged him gently and said "Jude bud, make sure you're smiling!". He kindly informed me, "Mom, I am smiling!" in the exact tone that you have when you try and talk and smile at the same time. Somewhere along the line he's mastered both the annoyed teenager tone and the smile and talk at the same time technique and I've gotta admit I had to chuckle.

I couldn't help but think about what our next kiddo will be like and how they too will quickly learn that the camera will be in their face as well! Jude will probably help teach 'em the ropes about if you smile and do what mom says you get little treats and gum! Bribery is key to good picture taking! I smiled when I thought about our family picture being one extra member and wondered what it would look like. I love that we'll be bringing diversity into our family, and while I honesty have no idea what all that brings with it- I think it'll be beautiful to have a fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eye boy sitting next to a chocolate skinned, brown hair, mocha eye sibling! And not much will have changed... both kids will look nothing like me! (o;

I'm looking forward to family picture day when our Ethiopian baby is with us, it'll be fun!


  1. You made me cry with happiness!!! I can't wait to see what your family picture will look like either! Love ya! ~Laurale

  2. My favorite part in reading your blog is what I would call your "dreaming/potential" thought process. I LOVE it Hil! It's inspiring and really beautiful. Praise God for hope and dreaming.

  3. Thank you for keeping me updated, it allows me be a small part of such a wonderful thing.. love ya T

  4. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! What a sweet sweet family!

  5. Great items! I hope it is a huge success for your family's adoption.


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