Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feeling yucky = Quality time

Jude man and I are feeling under the weather today (I seriously sound like I smoke 10 packs a day with my raspy voice! Uhm yeah, I thought raspy was suppose to sound sexy?! Well, not so much... I don't!). Boo! As a result, the two of us have been taking it easy all day and watching movies cuddling in our comfy clothes (AKA... pajamas). Yay for a forced lazy day! Today has got me thinking... it's sort of a sad that it takes me feeling yucky in order to let the house go, the to do list slide, the errands be put on hold... in order for me to spend some downtime hanging with my little man! Lord, help me be intentional in the quality time I spend with Jude. When he was a baby, this intentional time was frankly a heck of a lot easier! He depended on me for everything- being fed every meal, rocked to sleep every 3 hours, a diaper change countless times a day, you get the idea. But as he's gotten older his independence has resulted in me not being needed as much. Or should I say, not feeling needed as much. Today I'm reminded that I am in fact still very needed- it just looks different! To Jude, it's all about my company and undivided attention that he needs these days. Seriously, he has looked at me today at least four times, snuggled up extra close, starred me in the eyes and said, "This is great mama! I love you!". The kicker is, I really DO spend quite a bit of time with him- but what I'm realizing is, it's often spent multitasking. I'm an awesome mom when it comes to chillin' out with Jude, watching him play in the living room floor... while I fold laundry. Oooh, I might even get an award for mom of the year for my stellar ability to watch him ride his bike.... while socializing with other mom's in the cul-de-sac! (Catch the sarcasm!) The reality is, neither one of those mom multitasking moments are wrong... it's just that they are more common than not! Truth be told, I don't regularly go out of my way to put the laundry down, get down on the living room floor and actually play with Jude nor do I regularly take him to a park where he has my undivided attention and play with him. I'm challenging myself to make those moments more frequent than not... especially before Isa joins our family and I'll have to be all the more deliberate with my one on one time! 

So I guess I'm grateful for a sick day where I'm left realizing that I'll always be asking for God's wisdom in how to best use my time!

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  1. Well stated!!! I feel that I need to give myself the same challenge!


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