Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BUSY as a bee! Photo re-cap...

Our official April boys wait list number was #12! And in fact I know that another referral has since gone out of a baby boy, so we are actually unofficially #11! Oh how I can't wait to be in the single digits! We're now done with updating our home study and we've sent off all the important paperwork to our agency and the USCIS office... I'm glad to have that all done and off my shoulders! After much prayer we decided to change our parameters from 0-12 months old to 0-18 months old. With the age difference continuing to grow between Isa and Jude we found ourselves hoping for a bit "older" of a referral, meaning closer to a 12 month old. I have no idea how old our little dude will be when we get our referral, but Joshua and I are totally cool with skipping the newborn stage (well the sleepless nights really, ha!)... no matter his age, all I know is that we're gonna love him like crazy!

We've been working hard on Isa's room! Slowly but surely it's coming together! His crib was made with love by his Uncle James and I've manage to whip up some homemade things as well! I made his crib bumper and valance out of material I got while in Africa back in February. We got his dresser on sale at IKEA the other day and painted it to match his crib.
Our church had an awesome One More Life Gala on it's new property where the new building will soon be built! Joshua and I are both grateful to be invested in a church where no perfect people are allowed where it's mission is "We exist to give our lives to help people find and follow Jesus Christ". If you live near me and are looking for a home church, please know the invitation is always there for you to join us anytime!
The handsome "coach" and I before heading out to his soccer banquet. His soccer season has finished up and now I get my hubby back in the evenings! I'm a happy wife! (o;

We celebrated our kiddo's 5th birthday, camp out style! Lots of prep work and love went into this party!
Camp Jude was a success! He invited his closest little buddies over for a fun backyard camp themed party! We had hotdogs, s'mores, campfire songs, and a backyard movie to end the night! It was such fun!
A handsome bunch of boys!
Grams came into town from Atlanta!
Some quality evening family time has been had! Crazy boys!
I've been snagging any free cuddles I can get from my big 5 year old these days! He's growing up so fast and I know that inevitably when Isa gets home the dynamics of our family will change (which if I'm being honest, I'm a little sad about- but I trust that God will give me enough love to go around!). This leaves me soaking in my evening routine with Jude in bed, laying there a little longer than normal and chatting about his day and doing my best to intentionally make quality time throughout the day with him!

Well, there you have it! This is just a glimpse into the busyness that has resulted in why my blogging skills stink lately! All good things though- memory building things- quality things! I'm one grateful mama!


  1. Love the pics and the birthday party is awesome girl....you are GOOD! :) Hoping for single digits for you soon. I have had a terrible last two months blogging....ugh. BUSY! HUGS!!!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one who had no time to blog these days! It gets bumped to the bottom of the to do list when there are so many other things to tackle! Miss your face girl and hope to see you around soon!

  2. LOVE how cute Isa's room is!! So adorable! And the party looks like it was perfect!!! And LOVE that we are both #11!!! :)


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