Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wait- ONE YEAR

Jude is ready for his brother, his mom is too!  While sitting in the Firestone Auto Repair parking lot, patiently waiting on daddy to get the keys to our other car (that had to get a new alternator, boo!), I turned the music up, unbuckled myself, and turned around from the drivers seat so that I could face Jude in the backseat. In my oh so "hip" Hilary fashion, I started singing obnoxiously with the song on the radio, using my hand as a microphone, eyes closed for dramatic effect- this typically is a sure fire way to crack a smile out of my little man. He knows talent when he sees it! Ha! I had drug the poor kid around running errands in the car all day and he hadn't napped, so I knew time was ticking before he was over being in the car! He was blessed with my awesome little concert for a few minutes before he interrupted me, mid-song mind you, and said very seriously, "Mom, I want Isa home, it's been a really long time that we've had to wait!". I turned the radio down (taking the cue that he was over my singing), and told him I totally agreed, it has been a long time!  You see, this month marks us being on the wait list for ONE YEAR! Keep in mind too, that just because we've been on the wait list for a year- we started the paper chase process, in order to get on the wait list, back in June... so it's been well over a year that this 4 year old's little world has had to wait! We never knew going into this that the wait would be this long. Honestly, when we jumped into this journey, our naive selves hoped and prayed that Isa would be home this past summer (to our credit, the given wait time when we started the process was 6-9 months)! Little did we know! BUT despite the twists and turns and changes of timing along the way, there has been a strange peace, peace that can only come from God. It's with confidence that I say God is using this time to equip us, and pour His truth into us, and use us as His hands and feet. The past year of our lives has been like none other! From ministry opportunities, to cherished relationships being established, to catching a glimpse of seeing Jesus in a more intimate way, to having our hearts moved for Africa so much so that we feel God is calling us to move there someday! All of these blessings in our life would not be so without the wait. Yes, I grit my teeth as I say this- because I wish all this goodness could happen WITHOUT the wait! But it has all been possible because OF THE WAIT! 
When my patient heart grows weary Lord, may I continually reflect on the worth and treasured moments of this past year and thank you for Your perfect timing! (That being said, if you would like to speed this process up, Joshua and I are totally game, and so is Jude! Feel free!) In all seriousness though, I know and trust without a shadow of a doubt, that God is at work, orchestrating every detail, so our sweet Isa will be here soon enough! Hanging on His truth!



  1. I'll join the Helms family in saying that I'm ready for Isa too! So grateful for your excellent example in what it looks like to wait patiently upon the Lord.

  2. This brings TEARS to my eyes because I feel the exact same way! God is good and is using the wait for His purpose and His glory! I know the day will come soon when we are in Ethiopia with our babies! And hopefully we'll be over at the same time! :)

  3. Because you know many adoptive families I am sure you have heard this BUT...the wait is so orchestrated by the Lord. I waited for 15 years for mr. man to say "yes", then 2 1/2 to finally hold my boy in my arms. When you do get that referral and meet your son you will be AMAZED and so unbelievably grateful for the wait. The month and year we signed up with our agency was the month/year that Hudson was born. We asked to review the file of another little boy while we were waiting but we were "2nd" in line for him and his family was right before us. Even signing up for Special Needs when we did was God ordained (we started out on the "healthy girl list")......I had another adoptive mom tell me when we began the process "just know, the Lord will slow things down and speed things up just when He needs to, He's got it" is SO VERY HARD in the wait, I will not pretend that I do not remember the ache in my heart for my child who I didn't even know if they were a boy or girl labor, it all is ok when they are placed in your arms. At one point while we were waiting on China for their final approval and we were about 2 weeks past due I cried to Mark that certianly the Lord knows it would be better for Hudson to be with us NOW..not LATER...being an adoptive child himself (at almost 9) and living among foster homes and an orphanage this smart man said "if the Lord is asking us to wait it is for good..Hudson may need more time to bond with his nanny so he can bond with us better, his nanny may need more time to say goodbye, our bio kids may need more time, the favor of officials"...for whatever reason the wait, it is for HIS glory!...... bottom line, the wait will not be waisted and I admire your strength in it!!!


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