Thursday, October 6, 2011

Abba's Launch Video from Sunday!

Sunday's Abba's Children launch was incredible! Truly, I'm overwhelmed and moved to tears just thinking about it. God showed up, He stirred hearts, and the truth of His love was evident! Not sure I should really be surprised! I never ceased to be amazed at God's ability to show up when He's invited!

The current message series is on "What's Your Story?" and one of our senior pastors, Jim Johnson, shared his personal testimony of how God's story has been woven into his life from the very beginning. God truly used Jim's sermon to prepare hearts for the element that Abba's Children ended the service with.

Each family that participated in this element has the unique story of adoption woven into their lives. It was a privilege to stand on stage next to these amazing families!  As you'll see, the beginning of the video was playing on the side screens while the band sang the song, and then at the end of the song, all the families that were shown in the video walked out in the end singing the chorus. Truly, we are all Children of God! Without further ado... here is the video from Sunday!


  1. What a joy to really know lots of the faces from the video!

  2. Hilary....THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I am posting it to my wall......Hats off to your church for STEPPING UP and promoting adoption from the front.

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it!!! So beautiful! What a blessing to have such an amazing adoption community at your church!!!!


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