Sunday, May 22, 2011

A good day- Airport Drop off

Today was a good day. Today richly blessed me! I was privileged to witness God's handy work coming together for a couple that goes to our church (I won't mention their names, because I haven't had the chance to ask them if that's cool with them or not, and normally I'm the kind of person who doesn't think of that until after the matter, so I'm trying to think ahead and not kick myself in the butt!)

Jude and I pulled into this couple's driveway and as I put the car into park,  I looked back at Jude and said, "Today is a BIG day for our friends bud! Today we're taking them to the airport!" to which I was expecting him to ask, "Where are they going?!"... but to a 4 year old, I guess going to the airport is exciting enough in itself! So he just said, "Yahoo!" as if that was the BIG news! I smiled to myself, realizing I needed to explain more clearly, "Jude, we're taking them to the airport because they're traveling to Ethiopia to meet their son for the very first time!" It was like the word Ethiopia registered with him and he proudly said, "Isa lives there Mama!" (Too bad when he's asked where his brother is going to be from he leaves the "Ethi" part off the word and just shouts, "Opia!" which reminds me of the drug opium! We're working on his pronunciation!).

I unloaded Jude out of the car and as we were walking up to the front door, I felt this excitement welling up inside of me. We knocked and I could see the blurred image of their beautiful little girl (who they adopted from China several years ago) through the decorative glass on the front door. She slowly opened it and shyly looked down at her feet. For just a split second, the vision of her being a big sister, and the excitement of it all, came flooding to the forefront of my mind and almost brought me to tears. I managed to keep my composure and quickly had my thoughts shift as I noticed her mama coming around the corner. I looked up at my friend and smiled, my heart was full of all sorts of fluttering goodness! It was one of those moments where I was truly joyous on her behalf! As a waiting mama myself, longing for my day to head the airport, I related with her on an unspoken level! Again, I could feel my eyes welling up with tears of happiness, but I took a deep breath and kept it together. You could physically feel the excitement in the air as the entry way filled with grandma, grandpa, and daddy too- all smiling ear to ear! We chatted for a bit and then realized it was that time, time to head out! The luggage was packed and sitting by the front door and after a last minute check to make sure they had everything they needed, we loaded up my car. I knew good byes were coming to grandma and grandpa and their precious little girl who was thrilled of course to have her grandparents in town watching her! We all stood in the driveway, loaded up and ready to go, and then the hugs started- which means that the flood of emotions started too! Watching mommy and daddy kiss their little girl goodbye, I could feel the tug of their hearts for their little girl here and their little boy they would soon meet in Ethiopia! I flashed forward to when our day will come where we'll be standing in the driveway saying bye to Jude when we go to meet Isa and I got that ache in my throat, here comes the cry feeling, creep up on me. I blinked my eyes like crazy, looked away, and quickly climbed into the driver seat, desperately trying to not break out into the ugly cry! (I swear, I'm such an empathic crier though- so catching a glimpse of these proud grandparents tear up, did me in for!). Isn't it funny though, that once you become parents, leaving your kids, even if it's just for a week, can tug on your emotions? Throw in the fact that you'll be traveling half way across the world and the distance alone makes everything intensified! You just love them so darn much, it's hard to leave 'em!

We pulled out of the driveway and I was as gitty as could be! I knew they were too! They kept saying, "I just can't believe we're actually doing this! I can't believe we're really headed to the airport! The day is here! Ahhh!!!!" The next 40 minute drive to the airport was filled with anticipation, laughter, and rich conversation. We talked about how God has been woven in every detail of this crazy, long, journey for them (it's been a 3 year process, originally they were signed up with the Nepal program, but when Nepal shut it doors, they had to switch programs to ET). We all agreed that God's timing doesn't always match up with ours- often times it even hurts and leaves us confused... but in the end, He truly knows best! There were times over the past three years that they thought this day would never come, yet God knew all along that May 22nd was going to be a good day for them!

As we pulled into the entrance of airport, I was sure to tell them to soak in the sounds, the smells, and sights of Ethiopia and share them with me when they come back! The idea that they'll be in the same city where Isa, is or will be (if he isn't born yet) is almost surreal to me! I wish I could have somehow snuck into their suitcases (that totally would have put them over their weight limit, dang it!), and tagged along! We pulled into their terminal and as we unloaded their luggage, I'm pretty sure I felt the presence of heaven smiling down on this family, blessing all their diligent work/time/effort/heartache/love! It was a privilege to see them off  and know that God has an amazing week ahead for them! Moments that will forever change their life and the life of their precious little boy! I can't wait to hear the stories when the return! I'm earnestly praying for all this week entails, their safe travel, their meetings with their son through out the week, their meeting his birth mother, their court date on May 27th, the emotions of it all, and that God would be ever present- just as he has been all along!

Today was a good day. Today blessed me in deep ways.


  1. I know who you are talking about!!! :) Sooo excited for them too!!!! So glad you were able to share this special time with them!!!! We'd love to share our photos of Ethiopia with you too! An amazing 1st trip we had just a few weeks ago - waiting to be submitted to Embassy this week! :)

  2. love that you got to do this!! so, so fun!!! it will be you before you know it!!!


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