Monday, August 22, 2011



I feel like your brother in this picture, staring off into the distance, hoping, waiting, and day dreaming about YOU.  Sigh... I'm thinking about you today Isa! I think about you every day. I wonder what you'll look like. I wonder about your little personality. I wonder what you'll feel like in my arms the very first time I hold you. I wonder what your sweet cry sounds like. I wonder what your skin smells like. I imagine the first time I look into your eyes and how in that moment, everything will make sense. All the waiting will make sense, because you'll finally be in my arms. I can hardly contain my smile as I think about that day. My thoughts are consumed with what your story is. I'm already broken over your circumstances, even though I don't know what they are. I am praying for you in this very moment. I am praying that God Himself is with you, and protecting you, and loving you, and providing for you. I miss you, and I don't even know you yet. I love you Isa, and your daddy and I are coming for you, I promise. We are doing our best to patiently wait on the Lord's timing and we are trusting that God is still at work preparing the way for you to come home, it's just not time yet, He's still putting pieces of the puzzle together.  I don't know if you're born yet or if you're a couple months old- but I do know that God has instilled a love for you in our hearts that runs deep and compels us to want to fight for you. A God given love. You are worth fighting for, you are important, you are God's child and He values YOU. God is using YOU in big ways in your mommy and daddy's life, to transform us, and refine us, and grow us, and challenge us to desire God's dream for our lives more than our own! You are part of God's dream in our life. We are not the same because of YOU. Thank you Isa. I can't wait to hear your laughter in the other room and kiss you goodnight after snuggles in bed. I pray that you feel my love in this moment, even as I sit here in Texas as you are in Ethiopia. Your mama loves you!
Thinking about you today sweet boy,


  1. Beautiful. Isa has a great mommy :)

  2. Can I second that from a Grams point of view. So beautiful. So God. And what a special little guy he will be. I miss you ALL.

  3. So sweet, Hilary. I pray Isa can feel your love, too.


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