Monday, August 15, 2011

Fam Photo's

With Joshua headed back to school we've been getting his classroom set up for the new year- and as everyone knows (well at least I think most women would agree), it wouldn't be complete without some cute new family photos for his desk! So I thought this weekend was as good as any to head out and snap a couple of the three of us! Another good excuse for some new pics is the fact that Jude is growing like a weed these days and our last family photos have him lookin' a bit "babyish". Which he'll quickly tell you, he is no more! Seriously, he is such a little man these days both in looks and in conversation! I can't tell you often I shake my head in amazement at how grown up he is! I'll have to share about some of our recent conversations in a later post, I have a deep thinker on my hands for sure! 
While taking these pictures, I've gotta admit, I can't help but have my thoughts go to next year, wondering if maybe just maybe our family picture will look a little different?! My heart desperately hopes to have little Isa on my hip and Jude by my side, in next years classroom photos! This mama's prayers are often for a child on the other side of the world that I know nothing about and how I can't wait to stare into this his face and know that this wait was so worth it! 

So for now, because we already consider Isa part of the family, it wouldn't be complete to not somehow include him in the photo, here below is our creative attempt of making sure he is apart! (o; 

Here are some other's from the weekend that we took too! I was excited to find two new fun locations for photo's while driving around! I'm always on the look out for potential photo opportunities and was thrilled to find both the tracks and the old barn super close to home! It's the little things that make this girl happy! (o; Hope you like 'em! 

Growing up fast!
My little peanut butter, I could just eat him up! 
Mama and her boy
The hubs and I. Celebrating 7 years of marriage this October- I'm a lucky gal!
Our lil fam
The oh so many faces of Jude! Cracks me up!
Jude was thrilled to walk on the train tracks!
Jude's all proud of himself for being up on the fence
Baby blues staring off at something
The three of us, soon to be FOUR of us! 

So... there you have it! Glad I have a flexible husband that is cool with getting drug around to random spots to take pictures and lucky I have a boy that is used to having a camera propped up on a tripod and smiling while waiting for a timer to go off! (o;

Much love, Hil


  1. Okay, you guys are super creative and AWESOME! I love the picture with the map behind it and all the others too!

  2. Hilary, those r awesome! & I am highly impressed that he holds his pose for u!!! Okay, so is that Afrca map on the wall photoshopped? Looooooooved it! Tell me the secret! Or is it real!??!?

  3. I LOVE those pictures!!!! Is there really a barn with a map painted on it??? It's perfect!

  4. Love love love the photos. We might have to come there to take a picture in front of that map. That is so cool!



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