Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The face of Jesus

The pictures tell it all. Two boys born half way around the world from each other. Two boys that God has given very different beautiful stories to of how they got where they're at today. Two boys loved deeply by their creator (AND their mommy's and daddy's!). Two boys, one with beautiful chocolate colored skin and the cutest touchable curls you've ever seen, and the other with ivory white fair skin and crystal blue eyes. Two boys soaking in each other's company, oblivious to any of their differences, loving and laughing together. This is simply the face of Jesus to me in so many ways!

 These pictures represent answered prayers. We earnestly prayed that God would surround us with other families that understood the crazy and wonderful world of adoption. He's blessed us with THREE local families that already have adopted or are in the process like us, from Ethiopia AND from AGCI- all three families are incredible! I tell you what, Whitney, Mitzi, and Courtney... you girls are a true God send! Thank you for your friendships! So here's the scoop on the sweet-pea with Jude in the pictures above... Mekele is adopted from Ethiopia from Hannah's Hope (where Isa will be).  His mama, Whitney, has become a dear friend of mine and a true blessing throughout this process! Whitney's hubby and Joshua are both teachers and work across the hall from each other. They are the very first couple we sought out when we began this process, having them over for dinner last April, to beg for their guidance and wisdom as to what the heck we were getting ourselves into! I know God must smile as He looked down today at our little play date we had with Whitney and Mekele, because it so clearly represented His handy work... I know it makes my heart smile! 


  1. Truly a piture of God's love for the whole world!

  2. So, so precious!! Praying for ya'll, sweet friend!


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