Friday, January 21, 2011

One YEP and One NOPE

Following the phone call with the great news of our approval for a Matching Grant from Lifesong the other day, I headed out to the mailbox. There sat a letter from Show Hope (the other amazing organization we applied for a grant with). They had said we would hear back from them no later than March 1st- so I wasn't expecting mail from them quite yet, but my gut told me that this letter in my hands was our "answer". From the very moment we filled out all our grant paperwork, both Joshua and I have truly been at peace with whatever the outcome. Honestly, we just feel like we're suppose to do our part and pursue every possible avenue possible and that no matter what God will (and clearly already has) provide in huge ways and bless our efforts! I made up my mind before even tearing open the envelope that either way, yes or no, I wasn't going to let it damper the excitement of the YES just a couple moments before from Lifesong! The answer from Show Hope was in fact no and they graciously explained that while they would love to offer a grant to every qualified applicant, it's just not possible. They receive large numbers of applications per month and are only able to fund a limited number of grants. The letter also went on to say "Yet, we are equally thankful that God does not need Show Hope to accomplish His purposes in the lives of these precious children or the families who desire to adopt. We remain prayerful and are confident that God will meet your needs as you seek Him throughout this process."... I LOVE this truth and whole heartedly believe it! God will accomplish His work one way or another, because He's God and He's good like that! I truly believe that Show Hope covers every application in prayer and I'm confident that the applicant's who received grants NEEDED them and they went exactly where they were suppose to!

I'm grateful for YES's in life and I'm grateful for NO's in life as well. God uses them both to teach me to desperately hang onto Him and only Him in life!

On a completely different note... this past weekend I celebrated turning the BIG THREE-ZERO!!! Maybe I should feel "old" but I don't. Funny how my perspective changes as I get older and what I once considered "old" keeps getting bumped up! I mean after all, it's a known fact that 30 is the new 20 anyway, right (Just go with it, it makes me feel better!)?!

Well my hubby totally outdid himself and planned an entire day full of birthday surprises, from my friend Joely coming into town, to a big surprise dinner that night with some of my closest friends and my family! It truly was a great birthday and I was way impressed with Joshua's sneaky secret ways he planned everything! If you know Joshua at all, he can't lie to save his life... so the fact that he was able to plan so much behind my back without me knowing was seriously impressive! I sat there most of the night, wheels turning in my head, contemplating how everything came together and how I didn't find out- it's a funny thing to be at a party and not have planned a lick of it! I'm so thankful for a husband who goes out of his way to make me feel special!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of everyone at the party- but I was having such a fun time I forgot to! Here's a couple that I did manage to get though!

Joely came in town from OK to surprise me!
My sis made her incredible cupcakes and brought them to the restaurant. Jude man helped me blow out my candles!
                                 Joely, my sister and I- they keep a good secret! 

Some of my sweet friends that came to surprise me! I think I got a little teary when I saw everyone's faces who were there, I was genuinely taken back by everyone being there!


  1. So FUN!!! Happy late Birthday!!! The thirties aren't really too bad! :) Sorry about the no from Show Hope, but you've got such a great outlook on it...and God is just steadily providing for ya'll! So awesome!!!

  2. Happy late Birthday! What a sweet hubby you have for planning such nice surprises.


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