Friday, December 10, 2010

Conversation with Jude

Today, while in the car running errands with Jude, we had a conversation about Isa that went a little something like this:

Me: " Oh Jude, I meant to tell you... a girl that used to work for mommy before you were even born got a hold of us the other day out of the blue and said she wanted to help us bring Isa home! She's helping by being super generous! God is so good at providing every thing we need, isn't he?" (Another God story I'll share later as it continues to unfold)
Jude: "Yep!" said enthusiastically. Then a pause... "Wait, before I was born?" (As if he just realized life existed before he joined us)
This is where the conversation took a turn from what I originally intended and centered on the "before you were born comment". 
Me: "Yes Jude, before you were born. Mommy and Daddy use to work at that camp we've told you about, remember?"
Jude: "Yeah, when you were a lifeguard, but I wasn't with you." (I'm hoping he doesn't think we left him behind or something?!)
Me: "Yep, and then once we moved here to TX, you were born! And then life as you know it has been happening ever since!"
Jude: "Oh." said in his thinking tone. Another long pause..."Isa isn't born yet, that's why he's not with us?" He's overheard us talk about that before, so I'm guessing that's why he asked this.
Me: "You're probably right bud. But we can still pray for him while he's growing inside his birth-mommy's belly, and we can pray for her! And we can pray that he comes home really soon after he's born!"
Jude: "But you're going to be his mommy and daddy is going to be his daddy and I'm going to be his big brother, right?"
Me: "Yes. Sometimes birth-mommies can't keep their babies for different reasons. We don't know yet why Isa's birth-mommy can't keep him. Maybe she's sick, or maybe she doesn't have enough food or water to take care of him. But for whatever reason, Isa is going to need a family, and we're it!"
Jude: "So she's sharing Isa with us because she's so nice?" said in the sweetest voice ever.
Me: "That's exactly right bud! She is sharing because she loves Isa enough to give him hope and a future"
Jude: "I like her."
Me: "Me too."


  1. Cute! you are a brave soul. I haven't gotten to the part where there is a birthmom with Cade! He just knows his brother is in Africa.

  2. Just precious! My fav. is when he says "I like her". That's awesome!

  3. So precious!! Love this sweet conversation!!!

  4. What a sweet insightful little boy you have there! So cute. I am really excited for your family, what an adventure.

  5. That just brought tears to my eyes! What a blessed little Isa, to have 2 moms that love him so much already. (& a big brother too)


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