Saturday, December 18, 2010

Battle of the Bands Success!

I don't have much time to write right now, seeing as how there is socializing to be done because Jude's bud, Uncle James (Joshua's brother), just flew in today for a Christmas visit - but I wanted to give ya'll a quick update on last night! (Read the post below if you're unsure to what I'm talking about). 
The Battle of the Bands- Christmas Edition, hosted by McKinney High School's Club 2412, was a hit! We were able to raise just under $600 to go towards the $700 goal of sponsoring one child for an entire year through Project 61 to help a kiddo get out of the trash dump in Korah! One more small fundraising event and we've got that sponsorship in the bag!
I sat there last night in the back of the venue with a smile on my face- so proud of my hubs and so proud of all the students who showed up to give of their time and talent! From the kids who are part of Club 2412 who put so much of their time and energy (and baking skills) into hosting the event, to the kids who were in the bands and gave up their Friday night to play for us, to all the students that came out in support of the night and bought tickets... the room was filled with youth that desired to make a difference in a child's life over in Ethiopia!
We had such fun and look forward to making this an annual event!


  1. YAY!! That is awesome!! SO glad to hear it was such a huge success!!

  2. Sweet...I love that Joshua got the youth involved!! Teaching them to "be the change".


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