Sunday, November 21, 2010

Purchase Your Own Adoption Countdown Kit!!!

Have you finally finished the paper chase of your dossier and been given your oh so desired number on the wait list?! As a fellow adopting mama I know the joy of watching our number drop each month and being that much closer to seeing the face of our babe! What better way to countdown then to tangibly see your official number each month on an Adoption Countdown Wall!  After making a countdown for our family in hopes of helping our 3 year old better understand the wait for his brother, other people showed some interest in having one as well! So as a way to fundraise for our adoption, we've decided to make them and sell them as a little fundraiser in helping us bring our sweet Isa home! 100% of the proceeds will go towards our adoption fund!

If you're interested in getting your very own countdown kit for your family but want to get a better idea of what the finished product looks like, check out two that I made for my sweet blog friends Kelly Jo and Alison. There are three "looks"to choose from. For a girl we have a chocolate brown Africa (or country of your choice) with light pink numbers, and for a boy we have a light blue Africa (or country of your choice) with chocolate brown numbers. If you're on both the girl and boy lists we have a gender neutral option, a red Africa with light blue numbers. Simply pick the kit option below that suits you best!:

  • Kit Option "Crafty":  If your crafty and wanting to put together your own countdown, and would just like me to send you the customized PDF/template of your specific country and list of numbers, I can do that! You can then cut them out yourself and creatively hang it however your crafty self pleases!                                                                                            Cost of template $15
  • Kit Option "You Cut It": We will mail you the countdown kit that will include:  Sheets of card stock with your customized country and listed numbers printed out, measured and cut ribbon to tie the numbers onto twine, and one long piece of twine that will hold all your numbers. The "catch" is... YOU get the job of cutting out all your Africa's (or country of your choice) and hole punching them... and you save my little hands some cutting work!                                                                                                                                        Cost of "You Cut It" kit: $30
  • Kit Option "You Hang It": We will mail you everything you need ready to go! This kit includes: Your customized country with numbers already cut out and hole punched for you, pre-measured and cut ribbon to tie the numbers onto twine, and one long piece of twine that will hold your numbers. All you need to do is pick your wall and hang it up!                                                   Cost of "You Hang It" kit: $40

To place an order simply email me at  Let me know your official wait list number and the country you're adopting from, as well as what color scheme you want to go with (boy or girl). Specify what kit option you desire along with your mailing address. To make a payment you can either do so by using the PayPal "donate here" button on the right hand side under "Several Ways to Help" or you can mail me a check. I will start putting your order together as soon as payment is received.
Thanks so much for your support in helping us bring Isa home and we look forward to counting down with you!



  1. I love this!! I will pinch pennies so I can hopefully get one soon (and it WILL be the you hang it one!! I don't wanna cut!)

  2. What a great idea to sell these. Unfortunately our agency doesn't have a wait list where we see our number going down every month or I would totally get one. Cute, cute, cute!!

  3. I was just thinking the other day that you should sell these as a fundraiser! You go girl! I LOVE are the best!!!!!!!

  4. wished I would have a wait number just so I can have this...funny cause it didn't hit me until today, I kept thinking about my wait list countdown and then realized...ummm won't have one. hope you get lots of orders! I'll help you spread the word for sure!

  5. YAY!! SO glad to see this post!! Hoping you get lots and lots of orders!! I LOVE my countdown wall that you made us!!

  6. Hopefully I will be e-mailing you by January with a number. You are so creative! Can't wait to have that hanging on our wall!


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